T-drawings, worlds occurring from blots.

T-drawings started from random tea stain on paper. From multiplication and symmetrical reflection of that stain, what comes out if to press sheet of paper to another one. Imprints made in such a way leave a lot of space for associations and fantasy. I was looking for images occurring from blots and helped to bring them out by outlining them with ink and drawing pen. Becoming a witness for the worlds, i had never thought about. Below are some samples of my teadrawings made between 2010-2012

Probably many kids and adults have enjoyed the fun of such kind of technique. Leaving a blot of ink or color on a paper and pressing another sheet of paper against it, being surprised when opening the sides.
This playful technique releases associations and subconsciousness. Probably already for centuries, kids and creative people have employed this method on their games and creative works. Many poems written and paintings painted all inspired from random blot. The inkblot method has been most systematically applied probably by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, whose surname gave a name to the Rorschach test

Sonic Scratch Cycles

Sonic Scratch Cycles

/ 2011 (collaboration with John Grzinich)
Drawings and sound (various lengths and sizes)
An ongoing series of site-specific investigations whereby the duo engages in a structured improvisation using sound and drawing. John ‘sonifies’ spaces and landscapes using objects and materials found on site. Evelyn draws what she hears filtered through headphones that record the sounds using binaural microphones that simulate human hearing. The improvisation lasts as long as it takes John to make one 360 degree cycle around Evelyn. the exhibition is arranged in such a way that the sensory roles become inverted, the listener takes the place of the visual creator and the viewer takes the place of the auditory creator. I become you, you become me.

Shadows of men

Shadows of Men 1-5  / 2011
Drawings 2,1m x 1,5m
The series consists of 5 large scale portraits of amorphous substances what are accompanied
by their sources, 5 different men. We can look at these works as abstracted portraits of these
mens deeds, words and thoughts. Are men shadows of their deeds and words or vice versa,
are deeds and words shadows of the men. This is a work in progress, where the feminine
counterpart is planned to be developed as well.

Over the ocean

April 19th, Marine Headlands.  I have been travelling in USA for various reasons this time: family, art and networking.   Headlands Center for the Arts is my last location here – taking chance of this great opportunity  what Headlands offers for their alumni artists by providing 2 week studio and residency space. Also my trip here would not be possible without the funding from Cultural Endowment of Estonia. I appreciate these supports very much indeed.

I got nice appartment and great studio space, I can hear Pacific ocean and see Golden Gate bridge if i just take a little walk.  Im working in strings and drawings, where I explore how the repetitive movement of a pencil/ weawing affects the body and its motion. This surface-body-surface feedback is a generative method to shift from abstraction to figural imagery.