Clinamen Tides - jgrzinich, eku, hitoshi kojo


Clinamen Tides - is a scored performance piece which combines amplified and acoustic sounds, recordings and objects, structure and improvisation. Multiple small speakers disperse the sound throughout the room and among the audience, with an emphasis on listening and movement. The artists will play recorded sounds, found materials and homemade instruments to create sound works of rich tonal and textural complexities.
A performance in 3 parts. Each artist is a conductor and performer. The piece, half scored - half improvised, offers a frame and direction, but allows space for small variations of spontaneous actions to shape the sound.

Clinamen Tides performed at the Pispalan Nykytaiteen Keskus.
Tampere Finalnd, July 2006
  photos by Patrick McGinley  
  "Clinamen" is the name ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus gave to the spontaneous microscopic swerving of atoms from a vertical path as they fall.
According to Lucretius who was influenced by Epicurus, there would be no contact between atoms without the clinamen, and so, "No collision would take place and no impact of atom upon atom would be created. Thus nature would never have created anything." (De Rerum Natura, lines 220-225)
  Clinamen Tides performance at Gallery Saoh and Tomos, Tokyo (28.10.06)
as part of the 'Marginal Art' exhibition organized by Abiko Open Air Exhibition
  photos by Shirakawa Masahiro  
  above: Clinamen Tides performance in Osaka and Kyoto Japan, November 2006