Curonia is a film that focuses on sound and listening to the landscape around Nida on the Lithuanian coast

Curonia : film : 2015

Riga train station
Listening in Context Country of Production | Latvia/Estonia Running Time | 18:30 minutes Aspect Ratio | 1.78:1 Original Format | HD Screening Format | H.264, ProRes 422 Language | Latvian, English (with English subtitles) concept, sound, camera, editing: John Grzinich location assistance and translation: Madara Bunkše logistics and support: Sound Development City Using the […]

Listening in Context : Sound Development City 2014

Gdansk harbor area
I conducted the ‘Sounding Gdansk’ workshop during the Soundplay festival in June of 2014. The Festival was curated by Krzysztof Topolski and organized by CSW Łaźnia of Gdansk. ‘Sounding Gdansk’ aimed to understand the role that sound plays within the social and architectural spaces of urban life. Through a continuous series […]

Sounding Gdansk : exploring urban locations and interventions

photo by evelyn grzinich
I was asked by Estonian curator and art critic Indrek Grigor of the Tartu Artist Union to make an interview for Estonian National Radio. The program is called Kunstiministeerium, roughly translated as ‘Ministry of Ar’t in English. Note: This interview has been mirrored on the Baltic art journal Echo Gone […]

thoughts on the notion of “sound art”

"trace effects, crystalline particles" is the first piece in a series of works made from a single camera shot and a single audio (field) recording. No generative or digital effects were used in the recording or editing process.

trace effects, crystalline particles (audio-visual piece)

In late November/early December , I spent nearly 3 weeks in Valparaiso Chile, to participate in the Tsonami Arte Sonoro festival. My main focus was to conduct an intensive sound workshop, but I also made a solo performance in the style of “sound locations, transpositions” and took part in a […]

Sounding Spaces workshop : Tsonami Arte Sonoro

Space Under presents Sound Tectonics in Greece, an interdisciplinary workshop series, whose mission reads: Coming from the need to redefine, expand or even minimize artistic boundaries and highlight the directions of new hybrid practices, Space Under aims to address and reinforce these very points of intersection between creative fields through interdisciplinary practices. […]

Sound Tectonics workshop, Athens : Edition #1

I am honored to have several of my works included in this large scale exhibition (Sound Aspects of Material Elements, Location Sound Films and Soundscapes of Estonia). In the words of curators Kati Ilves and Ragne Nukk: Kumu Contemporary Art Museum opens the doors of Estonia’s first large exhibition dedicated to sound art: Out of Sync. […]

KUMU presents: Out of Sync. Looking Back at the History of Sound ...

Sensing Sonospace was a workshop conducted in the frame of  the LAK festival of Nordic Sound Art in Copenhagen as part of a series of 8 workshops known as the “Fifth Wall”. The concept of this series was, in the words of the curator Derek Holzer, to “emphasize participatory situations […]

Sensing Sonospace workshop, LAK festival

Forest solitude, early evening in July
Special web release on the Static division of Very Quiet Records 64 minute field recording made by John Grzinich in Ahja Estonia, July 2013 Forest Solitude, early evening in July by John Grzinich Following the peak of springtime activity, the sounds in the forests of Estonia quiet down to more subtle events. […]

Forest solitude, early evening in July