International Symposium of Art and Ideas

August 18-23, 2008. Mooste, Estonia

5 Day AVAMAA symposium of artistic projects and workshops

1 Day AVAMAA festival includes:  exhibition of the symposium projects and workshops + “Honey for the Ears” – evening of outer music



Three ecologies – Tero Nauha, One cubic meter of life – coordinated by Siim Angerpikk, “The case of the Mooste Silo”– coordinated by Estonian University of Life Sciences (Eesti Maaülikool), Landscape Architecture department, Miles per meal / Cooking -Patrick McGinley, Mutopia – John Grzinich, and more…

Saturday 23.08.08, AVAMAA Festival

Honey for the Ears with:


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2 thoughts on “avamaa

  • sven vabar

    Honey for the Ears was a great event! Somehow I haven`t been interested in Mari Kalkun`s music before, but her (and Tanel Kadalipp`s) performance was very enjoyable. Kuupuu was as good as during Kultuurijaam in January. Ultraminimal humming of M. Spanghero was also nice, I always like this kind of sound, though I wondered if he really needed to bring contrabass all the way from Italy to create those feedbacks. Vaikuse Koosolek was interesting too.
    This barn was certainly suitable place for an event like this. Hope there will be more in the future.

  • jgrzinich Post author

    I’m glad you enjoyed the event. Everything went well… and yes, the barn is really nice for concerts with its warm atmosphere and good acoustic quality. Now we just have to figure out how to get more people to Mooste for this kind of event.