CD/DVD releases

Album release of five spring chorus field recordings, made in the early hours of the morning in natural wilderness environments in Estonia.

madal öö (shallow night)

MYSTERY SEA 51 CD (Belgium, 2009) TRACKS 01. dispersion trajectory 02. membrane formation 03. spectral remnants INFO Three tracks of moderate fluctuations of sound in temporal space, infected by the occasional far from equilibrium interventions to diversify the stasis. Research notes: Most structural compositions of phase inversion have focused on […]

phase inversion

prele records has released a CD of revenant : topoló along with 12 page booklet of texts by the artists.

revenant : topoló CD

Announcing the Dérives compilation CD on Universinternational. This contains a collaborative track from myself and Patrick McGinley (murmer) among other fine artists. Special thanks to Pali for putting this together. The cover design really fits the concept and is silkscreen printed. Here is the info from the press release: First, […]

D̩rives Рcompilation CD

I have a track on a new compilation CD released by Paul Bradley/Edition Sonoro, the same label as my  Rudiment of Two CD from last year. The press release reads as follows… ‘resonant embers’ is a compilation CD featuring Paul Bradley, Maile Colbert, irr. app. (ext.), jgrzinich, Andrew Liles, Colin […]

compilation CD – ‘resonant embers’

Two CD releases resulting from the early sound collaborations between john grzinich and michael northam. extended minimal sound formations slowly evolve and drift out of constructed devices, primitive electronics and field recordings.

the absurd evidence / stomach of the sky

jgrzinich / Seth Nehil – ‘confluence’ CD Intransitive Recordings US (2002) <a href=””>Confluence by JGrzinich / Seth Nehil</a> Seth Nehil / jgrzinich – ‘stria’ CD erewhon Belgium (2002) <a href=””>Stria by Seth Nehil / jgrzinich</a> info The works, “Confluence” and “Stria”) are the result of a continual two-year collaboration and […]

confluence / stria

seth nehil / jgrzinich – ‘Gyre’ CD Cut 018 , Switzerland (2006) 1. Cast 2. Weald 3. Glaze Very limited copies available, €14 each (includes shipping cost)  After items are added to your cart, you will be redirected to the checkout page. info The three compositions on Gyre were formed from varied […]

gyre CD

"equal and distant lines" is an album originally released in 2005 on the now defunct 'Could of Statics' label in Switzerland.

equal and distant lines

An album comprised of two extended compositions with the source material used being specifically collected over a year-long period from Mooste, Estonia.

insular regions CD

CD edition sonoro , England (2007) . pebble and star [11:06] .. bounds and magnitudes [30:00] … stimulus and resolve [18:45] Very limited copies available for €15 (includes shipping cost)  After items are added to your cart, you will be redirected to the checkout page. rudiment of two sample info ”rudiment of two’ contains […]

rudiment of two CD

At one point I was approched by Rutger Zuydervelt, better known as Machinefabriek, to trade some CDs of our work. Shortly after making a trade he announced a remix project using one of his own tracks. After listening to the track ‘Stofstuk’ I wondered just how I might rework this […]

kruimeldief – machinefabriek remixed

A few days ago received my copy of the ‘elffriede soundrawing‘ project. The story goes that artist elffreide sent her drawings to 34 different sound artists and musicians. Each recipient was in turn asked to make a short song or piece based on the drawing. The results would be published […]

elffriede : soundrawing