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June 30th, 18:00 – Estonian National Museum For the 4th Helikoosolek, I conducted a soundwalk through Tartu. The soundwalk was designed to highlight different sounding environments of this city. The idea of a soundwalk is primarily to simply listen and understand our surroundings from the perspective of our ears. By […]

tartu soundwalk

My tentative event schedule for late winter 2010. Dates and times subject to change. January 23 – 29 Sound workshop for Art Pedagogy students of Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Keil January 31 – February 2 radio aporee ::: sound/tracks workshop, CTM Festival (assisting Udo Noll) February 5, 19:00 Panel Talk: “Put Your Ear […]

late winter 2010 event schedule

video project and installation presented at Westwerk Gallery, Hamburg Germany December 12-17, 2002 ‘tendencies of infinite expansion’ looks at the finer qualities of flow dynamics and of materials in the solid, liquid and gaseous states; observing transitional air and noise fields of slowly shifting layers and changing densities. For me, […]

tendencies of infinite expansion

Active Crossover is an installation and exchange project by UK sound artist Simon Whetham. I will be performing at the opening and giving a workshop with Maksims Shentelevs. See the information below for details. Following that we perform in Hull for Seeds and Bridges, the concert series organized by Jez […]

active crossover (bristol + hull uk)

The Location Sound Films installation will be exhibited during the Liquid Architecture festival in Australia. The festival is one of the largest events of its kind showcasing sound related art and experimental music in seven cities across the continent. Details for the exhibition is as follows: Alan Lamb | Rosalind […]

location sound films @ liquid architecture

special sound performance event at the Goija tea room in Riga featuring: Jez riley French [UK] – jezrileyfrench.blogspot.com John Grzinich [US/EST] Simon Whetham [UK] – simonwhetham.co.uk Maksims Å enteļevs [LV] – bernurits.com Kaspars Kalniņš [LV] – bernurits.com Sound Meccano [LV] – myspace.com/soundmeccano Evgeniy Droomoff [LV]

skanainavas sound event

2 performances and a sound workshop with murmer HELL OF THINGS john grzinich/murmer – opening concert: 19:00, saturday, 7th february revenant : bytom – sound workshop: friday and saturday, 13-14th of february opening performance murmer/john grzinich live at Kronika gallery (excerpt recorded by pm): download link rynek 26, bytom, poland […]

bytom / wroclaw poland

The sound works of four past resident artists of Binaural Media in Nodar will be exhibited at the Teatro Viriato in the nearby city of Viseu, Portugal. The artistic projects include: Aaron Ximm : As Paredes tam Ouvidos John Grzinich : Nodar Flowlines Maksims Shentelevs : Nodar Soundscape Mapping Pali […]

four sound works from Nodar

A selection of my Location Sound Films will be shown in Sweden next month… unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event. Full Pull 08 | Exhibition Dan Spegel, Olof Brostrom, Iris Piers Stapelbadden, Malmo, August 29-September 21

sound films @ full pull

International Symposium of Art and Ideas August 18-23, 2008. Mooste, Estonia 5 Day AVAMAA symposium of artistic projects and workshops 1 Day AVAMAA festival includes:  exhibition of the symposium projects and workshops + “Honey for the Ears” – evening of outer music http://moks.ee ***** Projects: Three ecologies – Tero Nauha, […]


Next week I will be in Berlin for the Tuned City – Between sound and space speculation event which involves 5 solid days of conferences, exhibitions and performances. I will be exhibiting video material compiled from my ongoing Location Sound Films project. I have put together two short films, one […]

tuned city : berlin

The MoKS “Culture Station” will launch next week in Tartu. This is a diverse program of workshops, exhibitions, projects and performances that take place at numerous locations around the city. The  “Sound Station” features workshops and performances by: Lau Nau, Kuupuu feat Joy Laav, .murmer, Bernu Rits and more.

kultuurijaam / culture station

approximate time: 1 hour thermodynamic+graphic : light, heat, noise, basic forms, complexity patterns There are five parts to this sound and video work. The first focuses on a montage of electronic wave forms from an analogue oscilloscope monitor. The second is a literal use of water waves taken from the […]

thermographic sequences

MoKS ja Y- galerii esitlevad: Y kohtumine teisipäeval 27.novembril kell 18.00 Y-galeriis Tartus. Kolmanda Y kohtumise sisustab John Grzinich. Sellel õhtul toob John lagedale oma kõige värskema loomingu ja kaasab kokkutulnud kodanikud filmiaktsiooni. John kõneleb enda praeguse aja töödest ja esitleb esimest osa oma uuest filmist ‘mimema’. See 22- minutiline […]

presentation at Y-galerii, tartu

(above photo by Gintas K) On Sunday November 11th at the ICA in London a showcase of artists from SIRR records took place for the annual Atlantic Waves festival. What may have been great line-up for fans of the genre, was actually a sincere challenge for the artists. 12 artists […]

SIRR night, atlantic waves

Stomach of the Sky was held on July 5, 1997 at The Candy Factory in Austin, Texas. This was a continuous 4 hour single evening event that combined elements of our live performance and installation work. A dual PA was set up to allow Michael Northam and I to mix […]

stomach of the sky

sound+video presentation presented at Stazione Topolo 2003 | PostsovkoZ 3/Territories, Estonia Equal and Distant Lines is one aspect of the larger Time [::] Frames project. Time [::] Frames investigates, analyzes and reflects on the process of living and working in a mobile context using the broad context of the current […]

equal and distant lines

live sound performance series: Finland Nov-Dec 2005 with collaborative pieces by: john grzinich, seth nehil, hitoshi kojo developed during a residency at the Loviisa Artists-in-residence program 30.11.05 – Turku, Titanik Galleria 01.12.05 – Tampere, Galleria Rajatila 02.12.05 – Helsinki, Forum Box Three scored pieces which combine amplified and acoustic sounds, […]

Point + Periphery, residency Loviisa Finland

Clinamen Tides – is a scored performance piece which combines amplified and acoustic sounds, recordings and objects, structure and improvisation. Multiple small speakers disperse the sound throughout the room and among the audience, with an emphasis on listening and movement. The artists will play recorded sounds, found materials and homemade […]

clinamen tides – hitoshi kojo, jgrzinich, eku

From June 11th to June 18th, 2000 I made a short Balkan tour, performing in three cities. My performances included a collage of live and pre-recorded sounds. A simple installation of resonating wires provided a bed of rich drones on which live acoustic sounds and pre-recorded material was layered. The […]

substance of fragments : balkan tour