sound projects

bothnia ice
Reflections on a January-February 2017 residency at Platform in Vaasa Finland where I investigated and observed the relations between ice and culture.

Bothnia ice flows : Platform residency

Curonia is a film that focuses on sound and listening to the landscape around Nida on the Lithuanian coast

Curonia : film : 2015

sonic scratch cycles
"Sonic Scratch Cycles" an audio performance and exhibition piece made in collaboration with EKU

sonic scratch cycles

The Sound Map of Tallinn project involves the research and production of a guide to the city of Tallinn from an auditory perspective.

mapping sounds in Tallinn

project proposal for Eesti Rahva Muuseum * * * * * Presentation at Eesti Rahva Muuseum, November 26th 2009 Soundscapes of Estonia is a research project and proposal for the Estonian National Museum as a non-local real-time sound environment. The term soundscape can be defined as the totality of sounds […]

eesti helimaastikud / soundscapes of estonia

exploring subjectivity and territory through sound, bridging acoustic processes with social and digital communication… New Maps of Time, Prague/Kladno Czech Republic (10.2009) New Maps of Time, Istanbul Turkey (2.2010) New Maps of Time, Calgary Canada (4.2010) New Maps of Time, Malmö Sweden (5.2010) New Maps of Time, Torun Poland (4.2011) […]

new maps of time, sound workshop

more archive material… this time from my first visit to the Stazione Topolo festival 1999, in Friuli Italy, just over the border from Slovenia. I developed and presented the first edition of the Resonance Ensemble project. This is a recording of the installation I made using local ceramic roof tiles […]

stazione topolo 1999

While in Berlin, I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Udo Noll, the inventive person behind Radio Aporee ::: Maps. For some time we’ve been discussing the diverse aspects of the project, including new features and possible additions to the interface, some of which have been successfully implemented. […]

radio aporee maps, update

The sound works of four past resident artists of Binaural Media in Nodar will be exhibited at the Teatro Viriato in the nearby city of Viseu, Portugal. The artistic projects include: Aaron Ximm : As Paredes tam Ouvidos John Grzinich : Nodar Flowlines Maksims Shentelevs : Nodar Soundscape Mapping Pali […]

four sound works from Nodar

The project involved a small interdisciplinary team, with myself Paulo Raposo, and Maksims Shentelevs, who will travel and work through the Curonain Spit, the peninsula with the sand dunes – that goes from Kalingrad in the south and the coast of Lithuania in the north, 98km long – 400m wide […]

project AMBAR

Next week I will be in Berlin for the Tuned City – Between sound and space speculation event which involves 5 solid days of conferences, exhibitions and performances. I will be exhibiting video material compiled from my ongoing Location Sound Films project. I have put together two short films, one […]

tuned city : berlin

I just uploaded a bunch of sounds to radio aporee ::: maps, one of the many interesting projects by Berlin based artist Udo Noll. Udo has done what I thought google would have already done with its maps or earth projects (but has not), which is to construct an interface […]

radio aporee, mapping sounds

In April of 2008 I spent a month at the Binauralmedia residency in Nodar, Portugal. My interest was to carry out a sonic and visual survey of the landscape around the local village through a series of site-specific recording sessions. In particular I compared and contrasted the geographic lines caused […]

nodar flowlines

A few days ago, while it was relatively warm out, I set up a temporary sound installation behind our house. The installation was a type of environmental sculpture constructed entirely out of objects and materials found around our yard (except for some basic household wire). The wire was strung up […]

phenomenological structures

scaling microspace aims to closely examine and expose through digital audio and video media the ordinary and often hidden aspects of a community, territory or event. In this case it was Stazione Topolo/Postaja Topolove 2002 in Topoló Italy. During my two week stay in Topoló I recorded and mixed all […]

scaling microspace

Riga Sound Locations was a four day workshop that took place at various spaces around the city of Riga, Latvia. The project starts with the concept of site-specific artistic activity while integrating contemporary sound recording practices that cover areas of ‘performance’, ‘field recording’, ‘improvisation’ and ‘documentation’. With the site being […]

Riga Sound Locations

sound+video presentation presented at Stazione Topolo 2003 | PostsovkoZ 3/Territories, Estonia Equal and Distant Lines is one aspect of the larger Time [::] Frames project. Time [::] Frames investigates, analyzes and reflects on the process of living and working in a mobile context using the broad context of the current […]

equal and distant lines

resonance ensemble
Resonance Ensemble is an exercise in physical interaction with material objects, challenging human perception of acoustic phenomenon and guiding peoples intuition of group dynamics. This type of sound action? is carried out in a workshop context with a group of 10-20 people. The participants of the ensemble take everyday common […]

resonance ensemble

‘Sound Cellar’ was an instrument and participatory sound installation built for the summer art symposium PostsovkhoZ 6 in the basement of MoKS. It was constructed from old ceramic roof tiles that were taken down from an old barn in Mooste that was being renovated. This piece is a development of […]

Kõlakelder / Sound Cellar

(what is) Noise induced order? Bringing order out of chaos can require a little disorder. Adding variability and disorder to certain complex systems can help tame their chaotic behavior. This unexpected conclusion could require artists and engineers to take a new look at the operation and interaction of both natural […]

noise induced order

Pushing the Medium was an event concept I created to bridge a concentrated collaborative residency and public presentations in nearby towns. The first edition took place at MOKS and Tartu in October 2004. Pushing the Medium 2 took place in Nodar, Portugal in September 2006. There are far too many […]

Pushing the Medium 2+3