sound, listening, spatial perception and site-specific responses

photo by Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Workshop held from October 27th - 30th, 2016 labeled a 'Sound Field Lab' which was organized and hosted by Malakta Art Factory, in Malax Finland.

Malakta sound field lab

The Sensing Sonospace workshop held at the LAK festival in Copenhagen, explored our awareness of sound and space, and how we can creatively use sound to redefine that space and actively shape our listening experience.

Sensing Sonospace workshop, LAK festival

photo by EKU
Special thanks to Veljo Runnel for leading an excellent workshop on Nature Sound Recording, sharing his experiences from the last 10 years and extensive knowledge on bird species. The group spent one early morning and one full evening out in the field, analyzing and collecting sounds. We then listened to the […]

nature sound recording workshop #1

quelle tower muggenhof
During the week of April 11-17th, I spent the week in an area of Nuremberg known as Muggenhof, as part of a mini-Tuned City event.

the sounds of Muggenhof

The Sound Map of Tallinn project involves the research and production of a guide to the city of Tallinn from an auditory perspective.

mapping sounds in Tallinn

sound mapping: exploring perspectives in listening time: 5 hours per day (over 2-3 days) size: 4-8 people materials: large working table, quiet space with stereo sound system description: This workshop is about the perception of sound and using observation to direct attention for understanding how sound affects the way we […]

sound mapping: exploring perspectives in listening

June 30th, 18:00 – Estonian National Museum For the 4th Helikoosolek, I conducted a soundwalk through Tartu. The soundwalk was designed to highlight different sounding environments of this city. The idea of a soundwalk is primarily to simply listen and understand our surroundings from the perspective of our ears. By […]

tartu soundwalk

Report from the New Maps of Time sound workshop Malmö Sweden ‘New Maps of Time’ is a project and workshop about mapping architectural structures and urban spaces using sound as a means to analyze and express actions within a space. read the full project description. Workshop organized by Full Pull, and […]

new maps of time, malmö

From January 23rd to 29th I gave a workshop for Art Pedagogy students in Kiel. The theme was based around ‘sound installation’ yet we went through many of the basics of the behavior and properties of sound as well as perception and social aspects of sound. I want to thank […]

sound workshop in Kiel

New Maps of Time sound workshop Praha / Kladno Czech Republic New Maps of Time is a project and workshop about mapping architectural and urban spaces using sound as a means to express actions within a space. read more… Workshop Dates: 9-13th October 2009 Festival Dates: 10-16th October in collaboration with […]

new maps of time, prague / kladno

exploring subjectivity and territory through sound, bridging acoustic processes with social and digital communication… New Maps of Time, Prague/Kladno Czech Republic (10.2009) New Maps of Time, Istanbul Turkey (2.2010) New Maps of Time, Calgary Canada (4.2010) New Maps of Time, Malmö Sweden (5.2010) New Maps of Time, Torun Poland (4.2011) […]

new maps of time, sound workshop

Mutopia is a process oriented workshop environment that explores collaboration, collective creativity and open forms of authorship. This is done through social and environmental research, exercises, games and the use of mixed artistic media such as sound, collage, text, performance etc...


2 performances and a sound workshop with murmer HELL OF THINGS john grzinich/murmer – opening concert: 19:00, saturday, 7th february revenant : bytom – sound workshop: friday and saturday, 13-14th of february opening performance murmer/john grzinich live at Kronika gallery (excerpt recorded by pm): download link rynek 26, bytom, poland […]

bytom / wroclaw poland