aeolian sounds

the sound of wires, wind harps, resonant strings and other aeolian effects

While going through my backlog of raw material, I rediscovered some unused material that could be edited slightly and published as short vignettes in the form of my early ‘location sound films‘. This new series I’m calling Locus Sensum or sense of place. Locus Sensum is an ongoing series based on […]

Locus Sensum : location sound vignettes

In early April 2016 I had the good fortune to visit to Iceland at the invitation of Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music. The visit was intended to be a quick orientation and research trip to eastern Iceland and yet it turned out to be much more.

Skálar visit, Seyðisfjörður Iceland

'transduction twentyfifteen', a short film featuring sound recordings by: John Grzinich, Simon Whetham, Eamon Sprod, Jim Haynes, Rostislav Rekuta, Dawn Scarfe and Yiorgis Sakellariou.

transduction twentyfifteen : short film

What you hear is a live sound mix made in my backyard using both live mics and contact mics, run simultaneously through a portable mixer. No post-processing or composing was done. The video was edited from hand held material recorded on a cheap panasonic digital camera. More videos available on […]

tape, wind and wire soundmix #1

It’s winter and the temperatures are not friendly for recording outdoors. In Dresden, where I’m in residence for several weeks at 7.stock, it’s been around -5 – 0 C during the day (not including the wind). I mention the wind because I’ve been working on the 7th floor of a […]

animate structures #2

I spent several weeks in northern France in a temporary residence that functioned as a gathering place for friends, most of whom are avid composers and sound recordists. Naturally those who came started to explore the local area for interesting locations. The first week was exploratory in seeking out recording spots in […]

intentional gathering of sound artists

In April of 2008 I spent a month at the Binauralmedia residency in Nodar, Portugal. My interest was to carry out a sonic and visual survey of the landscape around the local village through a series of site-specific recording sessions. In particular I compared and contrasted the geographic lines caused […]

nodar flowlines

Video that documents some of my latest recording activities using installed wires, strings and resonant objects. I’ve decided to call this series ‘animate structures’ rather than phenomenological because it reflects more of the ‘living’ nature of what we hear in this installation as it responds to environmental conditions. The audio […]

animate structures #1