nature sounds

recordings from ‘wild’ and ‘natural’ (non-human) environments

photo by Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Workshop held from October 27th - 30th, 2016 labeled a 'Sound Field Lab' which was organized and hosted by Malakta Art Factory, in Malax Finland.

Malakta sound field lab

A collection of stories from six arts who have different experiences regarding sound and listening in the Baltic States.

sound stories from the baltics

Album release of five spring chorus field recordings, made in the early hours of the morning in natural wilderness environments in Estonia.

madal öö (shallow night)

photo by EKU
Special thanks to Veljo Runnel for leading an excellent workshop on Nature Sound Recording, sharing his experiences from the last 10 years and extensive knowledge on bird species. The group spent one early morning and one full evening out in the field, analyzing and collecting sounds. We then listened to the […]

nature sound recording workshop #1

Formica aquilonia or Red Wood Ant is a species of ant commonly found in the area where I live. The ant colonies are easily recognizable by the large mounds that they build out of debris from the pine forests they inhabit. The mounds also tend to be clustered together. I’m […]

formica aquilonia

7:30 in the morning woken by the sound of squaking above central of Dresden. It was somehow more noticeable than any time  before. Every day at dusk thousands of crows and jackdaws gather outside this building converging on the rooftops and trees to roost for the night. This morning I […]

a conspiration of birds

French sound artist Yannick Dauby (along with Wan-Shuen Tsai) are in the MoKS residency for the month of June. I asked Yannick to write down some of his reflections on field recording and the sound environment he found in Estonia: — Listening notes, Eesti mid-June 2007 (additional descriptions with sound […]

yannick dauby: field impressions of Estonia