urban sounds

sounds of cities, noisy vibrant artifacts of our human world

From January 23rd to 29th I gave a workshop for Art Pedagogy students in Kiel. The theme was based around ‘sound installation’ yet we went through many of the basics of the behavior and properties of sound as well as perception and social aspects of sound. I want to thank […]

sound workshop in Kiel

A small collection of binaural field recordings made on a visit to Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul soundwalks

7:30 in the morning woken by the sound of squaking above central of Dresden. It was somehow more noticeable than any time  before. Every day at dusk thousands of crows and jackdaws gather outside this building converging on the rooftops and trees to roost for the night. This morning I […]

a conspiration of birds

It’s winter and the temperatures are not friendly for recording outdoors. In Dresden, where I’m in residence for several weeks at 7.stock, it’s been around -5 – 0 C during the day (not including the wind). I mention the wind because I’ve been working on the 7th floor of a […]

animate structures #2

This past weekend I was in Riga to visit the Sound Forest festival. I could write about my impressions of the festival but I won’t. While there were a few good performances I enjoyed more the side activities that came with visiting friends in Riga. As is often the case […]

of coastal tanks and inland bunkers

Riga Sound Locations was a four day workshop that took place at various spaces around the city of Riga, Latvia. The project starts with the concept of site-specific artistic activity while integrating contemporary sound recording practices that cover areas of ‘performance’, ‘field recording’, ‘improvisation’ and ‘documentation’. With the site being […]

Riga Sound Locations