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For now I decided to focus on the Sony PCM-D50 and what kind of recorder you get “out of the box”. I don’t have a new Edirol HR-09 to test and I wouldn’t recommend getting the old model. The Sony unit feels sturdy and seems well made, even more so […]

recorder test, part II

This past weekend was in Madrid for the Sonikas festival where I performed. While there, I learned about several sound-mapping projects in Spain. As some know, I contribute to Radio Aporee Maps, a growing collection of sounds from around the world which are playable in several ways. The projects linked […]

sound maps of spain

This is a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I realized that “field recording” was something of a viable genre for many working with sound. Before hearing the term “field recording” (and I’ll throw in Phonography), I never thought much in making a distinction between working in or out […]

what is field recording?