bothnia ice
Reflections on a January-February 2017 residency at Platform in Vaasa Finland where I investigated and observed the relations between ice and culture.

Bothnia ice flows : Platform residency

A collection of stories from six arts who have different experiences regarding sound and listening in the Baltic States.

sound stories from the baltics

The Sound Map of Tallinn project involves the research and production of a guide to the city of Tallinn from an auditory perspective.

mapping sounds in Tallinn

As I travel around doing projects and giving workshops I start to notice something when I explain what I do and how it relates to the culture of sound and listening. The inevitable question that always comes up is, how is this information useful? Working as a “sound artist” appears […]

audio cultures, parallel worlds

project proposal for Eesti Rahva Muuseum * * * * * Presentation at Eesti Rahva Muuseum, November 26th 2009 Soundscapes of Estonia is a research project and proposal for the Estonian National Museum as a non-local real-time sound environment. The term soundscape can be defined as the totality of sounds […]

eesti helimaastikud / soundscapes of estonia

Interview for Ear Room, an ONLINE publication for developing critical DISCOURSE and debate on the creative, and EXPLORATIVE use of SOUND in artistic PRACTICE.

EAR ROOM #4 interview with John Grzinich

Mutopia is a process oriented workshop environment that explores collaboration, collective creativity and open forms of authorship. This is done through social and environmental research, exercises, games and the use of mixed artistic media such as sound, collage, text, performance etc...


For now I decided to focus on the Sony PCM-D50 and what kind of recorder you get “out of the box”. I don’t have a new Edirol HR-09 to test and I wouldn’t recommend getting the old model. The Sony unit feels sturdy and seems well made, even more so […]

recorder test, part II

While in Berlin, I had the pleasure to meet and talk with Udo Noll, the inventive person behind Radio Aporee ::: Maps. For some time we’ve been discussing the diverse aspects of the project, including new features and possible additions to the interface, some of which have been successfully implemented. […]

radio aporee maps, update

This past weekend was in Madrid for the Sonikas festival where I performed. While there, I learned about several sound-mapping projects in Spain. As some know, I contribute to Radio Aporee Maps, a growing collection of sounds from around the world which are playable in several ways. The projects linked […]

sound maps of spain

This is a question I’ve been asking myself ever since I realized that “field recording” was something of a viable genre for many working with sound. Before hearing the term “field recording” (and I’ll throw in Phonography), I never thought much in making a distinction between working in or out […]

what is field recording?

sound workshop for youth, rev. 3 Last week I gave a sound workshop which was part of a summer theater camp for youth in Mooste. The camp was held for the first time so there was plenty to be learned especially when trying to collaborate with the other workshops (drama, […]

sound workshops for youth

After some email exchanges with Jez riley French we both felt there was plenty potential discussion surrounding our approaches to working with sound. Jez runs a great blog that reveals much about his artistic process, travels and interest in other artists whom he admires. After being asked to answer his […]

interview with Jez riley French

I just uploaded a bunch of sounds to radio aporee ::: maps, one of the many interesting projects by Berlin based artist Udo Noll. Udo has done what I thought google would have already done with its maps or earth projects (but has not), which is to construct an interface […]

radio aporee, mapping sounds

I’ve been taking advantage of the mild winter weather so far to do some site-specific recordings. Its normal that I visit various old ruins and natural locations in the countryside, but recently I’ve been going into old houses that have been abandoned for some time. It should be noted that […]

abandoned house sessions

While this topic is only indirectly related to most of what gets posted here, I thought I would comment on it since it has come up in numerous discussions the past year. According to some people, 2007 is the year the music industry broke. But as Chris Anderson (proponent of […]

future distribution, net-labels and net-stores