A collection of stories from six arts who have different experiences regarding sound and listening in the Baltic States.

sound stories from the baltics

Album release of five spring chorus field recordings, made in the early hours of the morning in natural wilderness environments in Estonia.

madal öö (shallow night)

Interview for Ear Room, an ONLINE publication for developing critical DISCOURSE and debate on the creative, and EXPLORATIVE use of SOUND in artistic PRACTICE.

EAR ROOM #4 interview with John Grzinich

After some email exchanges with Jez riley French we both felt there was plenty potential discussion surrounding our approaches to working with sound. Jez runs a great blog that reveals much about his artistic process, travels and interest in other artists whom he admires. After being asked to answer his […]

interview with Jez riley French

Jez riley French ran a good series of interviews with sound artists on his blog. He has posted his ‘four questions’ with me. I’ve always felt it is difficult to write about my experiences in working with sound but what I liked about this process is that somehow when someone […]

four questions from Jez Riley French

…interviewed by Paulo Raposo PR: How did you start working with field-recordings? And how did you first start to integrate field-recordings in your music? JG: Last month I had some childhood memories come to me that I would say are related to this question. I used to play with tape […]

in the soundscape : interview