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moving image film and video works

While going through my backlog of raw material, I rediscovered some unused material that could be edited slightly and published as short vignettes in the form of my early ‘location sound films‘. This new series I’m calling Locus Sensum or sense of place. Locus Sensum is an ongoing series based on […]

Locus Sensum : location sound vignettes

bothnia ice
Reflections on a January-February 2017 residency at Platform in Vaasa Finland where I investigated and observed the relations between ice and culture.

Bothnia ice flows : Platform residency

'transduction twentyfifteen', a short film featuring sound recordings by: John Grzinich, Simon Whetham, Eamon Sprod, Jim Haynes, Rostislav Rekuta, Dawn Scarfe and Yiorgis Sakellariou.

transduction twentyfifteen : short film

Curonia is a film that focuses on sound and listening to the landscape around Nida on the Lithuanian coast

Curonia : film : 2015

"trace effects, crystalline particles" is the first piece in a series of works made from a single camera shot and a single audio (field) recording. No generative or digital effects were used in the recording or editing process.

trace effects, crystalline particles (audio-visual piece)

quelle tower muggenhof
During the week of April 11-17th, I spent the week in an area of Nuremberg known as Muggenhof, as part of a mini-Tuned City event.

the sounds of Muggenhof

Anamorphic Eye was one of my first video and sound works, produced back in late 2000. The images are of tea and organic debris floating in water while the sound is a mix of electronically generated tones using supercollider and field recordings. I attempted to connect the natural chaotic course […]

anamorphic eye

It was a busy week in Berlin but one of the nice surprises was a visit to Teufelsberg, a former NSA ‘listening station’ that has been abandoned since the wall came down. This small complex of buildings sits on top of an artificial mountain of rubble left over from the […]

teufelsberg listening station

New Maps of Time sound workshop Praha / Kladno Czech Republic New Maps of Time is a project and workshop about mapping architectural and urban spaces using sound as a means to express actions within a space. read more… Workshop Dates: 9-13th October 2009 Festival Dates: 10-16th October in collaboration with […]

new maps of time, prague / kladno

Mutopia is a process oriented workshop environment that explores collaboration, collective creativity and open forms of authorship. This is done through social and environmental research, exercises, games and the use of mixed artistic media such as sound, collage, text, performance etc...


What you hear is a live sound mix made in my backyard using both live mics and contact mics, run simultaneously through a portable mixer. No post-processing or composing was done. The video was edited from hand held material recorded on a cheap panasonic digital camera. More videos available on […]

tape, wind and wire soundmix #1

Formica aquilonia or Red Wood Ant is a species of ant commonly found in the area where I live. The ant colonies are easily recognizable by the large mounds that they build out of debris from the pine forests they inhabit. The mounds also tend to be clustered together. I’m […]

formica aquilonia

Video that documents some of my latest recording activities using installed wires, strings and resonant objects. I’ve decided to call this series ‘animate structures’ rather than phenomenological because it reflects more of the ‘living’ nature of what we hear in this installation as it responds to environmental conditions. The audio […]

animate structures #1

approximate time: 1 hour thermodynamic+graphic : light, heat, noise, basic forms, complexity patterns There are five parts to this sound and video work. The first focuses on a montage of electronic wave forms from an analogue oscilloscope monitor. The second is a literal use of water waves taken from the […]

thermographic sequences

scaling microspace aims to closely examine and expose through digital audio and video media the ordinary and often hidden aspects of a community, territory or event. In this case it was Stazione Topolo/Postaja Topolove 2002 in Topoló Italy. During my two week stay in Topoló I recorded and mixed all […]

scaling microspace

Riga Sound Locations was a four day workshop that took place at various spaces around the city of Riga, Latvia. The project starts with the concept of site-specific artistic activity while integrating contemporary sound recording practices that cover areas of ‘performance’, ‘field recording’, ‘improvisation’ and ‘documentation’. With the site being […]

Riga Sound Locations