In early April 2016 I had the good fortune to visit to Iceland at the invitation of Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music. The visit was intended to be a quick orientation and research trip to eastern Iceland and yet it turned out to be much more.

Skálar visit, Seyðisfjörður Iceland

Curonia is a film that focuses on sound and listening to the landscape around Nida on the Lithuanian coast

Curonia : film : 2015

The Sensing Sonospace workshop held at the LAK festival in Copenhagen, explored our awareness of sound and space, and how we can creatively use sound to redefine that space and actively shape our listening experience.

Sensing Sonospace workshop, LAK festival

quelle tower muggenhof
During the week of April 11-17th, I spent the week in an area of Nuremberg known as Muggenhof, as part of a mini-Tuned City event.

the sounds of Muggenhof

beehive structure
While cleaning our greenhouse I found an abandoned beehive almost preserved in its entirety. This was a good chance to analyze the material composition and structure of a hive. Although delicate, the hive must have been able to house a small colony within its multiple chambers and levels. A layer […]

structure of a hive

Here is a selected set of photos from a series taken in 2007. Abandoned spaces like this are from old soviet collective farms, however they  are rapidly disappearing. Structures like this decayed so rapidly because of the poor methods of construction. It was common for people to steal any valuable […]

spaces of abandon

2010 New Years greetings to everyone. I’m posting some photos taken during the recent days of crystal clear but cold weather (-15C to -26C, 5F to -15F). Its a time when everything seems to come to a frozen standstill, everything except the last remaining moisture in the air which condenses […]

deep winter

I finally managed to visit a curious location in a forest in south Estonia and discovered that it indeed was one of the former soviet nuclear missile silos. As I’ve seen, most missile bases were mobile launching pads for missiles that were stored on trucks in bunkers. In this location […]

subterranean soviet silos

This is a small gallery of images collected during a recent visit to Austin and the desert area of West Texas known as Big Bend.The patterns reflect much of the arid desert-like climate which has been growing more dry and hot over the years.

patterns within the structure

These are some images I captured yesterday after a fairly cold evening (-10c) left ice crytal formations around our yard. Reading up on the process of crystallization gave some insight into these amazing forms. The “growth” of crystals is built on a complex layering of structures embedded within structures implying […]

winter crystallization

some captures during sunrise over the magnificent bay and dunes of the Curonian Spit in eastern Lithuania.

curonian sunrise

These are noctilucent clouds hovering at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere on the fringes of space. Nobody is quite sure what they are, but its a beautiful phenomenon nonetheless, seen mostly at higher latitudes. I took this photo last night as the earliest sunlight made its way into the […]

noctilucent sky

With the recent temperatures falling far below zero, the lakes and rivers have finally frozen over. Its a special moment because there has not been any snow to cover the ice. The ice on the pond next to our house was clear enough to see fully through. There were bubbles […]

frozen layers

I’ve been taking advantage of the mild winter weather so far to do some site-specific recordings. Its normal that I visit various old ruins and natural locations in the countryside, but recently I’ve been going into old houses that have been abandoned for some time. It should be noted that […]

abandoned house sessions

Vienna Rooftops various contact mic recordings : May 1999 all photos by andrea siegl

vienna rooftops

The traditional Jaanipäev (St. Johns Day) or mid-summer day in Estonia is on or around June 24th. It marks the long days around the summer solstice when there is continuous light from the sun throughout the night. This time also marks the peak of springtime nature activity when the bird […]

mid-summer night embers

June is one of my favorite times of year in Estonia. Besides the fact that it is the height of springtime and the countryside is alive with natural activity, there is also constant light because of the high latitude. There is a unique form of light that exists in the […]

minimal light

helsinki at night
I have not written too much about my photographic practices here, mainly because I hope the images I post speak for themselves. As noted on my website, the photos I take help add some additional stories of my travels and projects. As for those who have browsed my photographic work before, […]

helsinki by night

2 solo performances in December 2006: Belgrade: Cinema REX on December 14 (thursday) at 20:00h Zagreb: Studentski Centar on December 16 (saturday) at 20:00h Two performances where I presented the piece “Sound Locations, Transpositions” which combines processed sound, field recordings, video clips and movement in the space. Both performances were […]

two sound performances: Belgrade and Zagreb

In Japan I took part in this years Abiko Open Air Exhibition. Each year a number of artists are invited to create site-specific works or performances in a nearby park located in the eastern part of Abiko city (1 hour from Tokyo towards the Chiba prefecture). The event is organized […]

Japan trip photo galleries