frozen layers

With the recent temperatures falling far below zero, the lakes and rivers have finally frozen over. Its a special moment because there has not been any snow to cover the ice. The ice on the pond next to our house was clear enough to see fully through. There were bubbles and leaves frozen still and preserved just below the surface.

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2 thoughts on “frozen layers

  • Daniel Crokaert

    Oh, so wonderful & inspiring !…(could be a starting point for your MS material, John ;o))
    this reminds us humbly that we can only try to imitate Nature, in our endless quest for true beauty…


  • Yannick

    Hello John !
    Just to let you know, Kalerne Editions will publish this month an amazing CD : it is a phonography of a frozen lake singing, recorded by Marc Namblard. This natural phenomena appears only under specific conditions (no wind, temperature, etc.) and the sounds are simply incredible. Keep an eye on Kalerne website.

    ps : Kalerne wants also a “sounding out” link ! :)