artists and musicians working with sound

Seth Nehil
bernu rits
Paulo Raposo

Olivia Block

Hitoshi Kojo

m u r m e r

Jez riley French
Simon Whetham
Kuwayama Kiyoharu
Francisco Lopez
Jonathan Coleclough
Marc Behrens
Jacob Kirkegaard
Paul Bradley
Jeph Jerman
Eric La Casa
Pali Meursault
Andrew Chalk
Giancarlo Toniutti
Yannick Dauby
Kenneth Kirschner
Tô (thomas tilly)
André Gonçalves
Josh Ronsen


compost and height [UK]
universinternational [FR]
alg-a [ES]
Con-v [ES]
TecnoNucleo [ES]
Mandorla [MX]
homophoni [???]
adozen [???]
audiotong [PL]

CD labels

Helen Scarsdale Agency


sirr records
cmr records
edition ellipsis
Mystery Sea
Intransitive Recordings
trente oiseaux
Drone records
die Schachtel
ferns recordings

projects, press, distribution

Framework Radio (decontextualized sound activity)
(take a sound journey)
Metamkine (experimental music distribution, Europe)
Deep Listening homepage
Paris Transatlantic Magazine (reviews, info and more…)
Mimaroglu music sales (experimental music distribution, US)
ICR Distribution
Touching Extremes

film / cinema

::: c h r i s  m a r k e r :::
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Dusan Makavejev
Stan Brakhage
The Andrei Tarkovsky Info Site
Glauber Rocha
Abbas Kiarostami

eesti lingid / estonia links
hea uus heli
MoKS – center for art and social practice

philosophy of science

Radical Constructivism
Biology of Cognition – Homepage of Humberto Maturana
Rupert Sheldrake Online
Soma and Significance by David Bohm
Dialogue: A Proposal by David Bohm
Karl Pribram’s “Holographic Brain Theory”

complexity+systems theory

Principia Cybernetica Web
Self-Organizing Systems FAQ
Self-Organization, Autopoiesis, and Enterprises
Explaining Emergence: towards an ontology of levels
Manuel DeLanda – Deleuze and the Open-Ended Becoming of the World

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