Locus Sensum : location sound vignettes

While going through my backlog of raw material, I rediscovered some unused material that could be edited slightly and published as short vignettes in the form of my early ‘location sound films‘. This new series I’m calling Locus Sensum or sense of place.

Locus Sensum is an ongoing series based on short 1-2 minute portraits of places through single take video images and on location sound recordings. The intention is to give a straightforward ‘sense of place’ through sound and image captured at a moment in time without camera movements, additional editing or effects. Be sure to use good headphones or speakers for full fidelity.

Locus Sensum #1 : Lethbridge Viaduct

Locus Sensum #2 : Matsiranna

Locus Sensum #3 : Ohtakari Wires

Locus Sensum #4 : Seyðisfjörður river

Locus Sensum #5 : Pocerady cooling towers

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