mimema I + II

jgrzinich – mimema

maaheli editions 01, web release (2007)

(this release is offline temporarily due to the ‘Two Films’ DVD. please check back later for more info)
mimema I [24:30] 34mb .mp3 | 25mb .ogg
mimema II [23:48] 32mb .mp3 | 28mb .ogg


mimema consists of two minimal and extended drone pieces of electronically processed samples of organ music. mimema is intended for low volume listening

mimema is a work dedicated to the understanding of transcendence, in the personal and collective sense of our being. It is the light that imitates darkness and the reason that imitates dreams.

The night is long, but not eternal. When I was a child I used to journey into the darkness of night through metaphysical states of being. To enter the dream world or the world of the subconscious being, I used to project myself into a state of weightlessness. While lying in the middle of the bed I would concentrate and focus on the center of the earth and imagine I could feel the force of gravity. After a certain period of time the sense feeling of the body was diminished and a different sense took over. The bed would be transformed into a floating surface on which I lay in a flat position to navigate the great void of space. At first this space constituted of the three dimensional definable space we are mostly familiar with, which could be understood through the shifting plane of the bed. Over time however, this becomes a literal inversion of the cognitive process, as other “dimensions” would unfold. The new dimensions were not exponents of the initial three so much as they were leaps into a dimensionless field, a state beyond time and space. Time and space become transcendent conditions and are navigable by relative association of thought, memory and sensory energy. Much of my youth was spent in fear of the night, a fear for being alone in the unknown. I can see that this searching would help me find comfort and consolation in transforming fear into a journey, from my waking life to sleeping and back again.

mimema I mimema II

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