new maps of time, malmö

Report from the New Maps of Time sound workshop Malmö Sweden

‘New Maps of Time’ is a project and workshop about mapping architectural structures and urban spaces using sound as a means to analyze and express actions within a space. read the full project description.

Workshop organized by Full Pull, and hosted by MEDEA, on May 10th, 2010. Special thanks to Mathias Holmberg and the helpful people at MEDEA for arranging this workshop.

Below is a gallery of images taken while walking blindfolded during a soundwalk. The camera was pointed at sounds that I heard.

The afternoon was spent making coordinated sound exercises in the bunker-like former ship building structure.

Workshop exercises: “Same Sound”

Workshop exercises: “Add and Subtract”

Workshop exercises: “Group 1, performance”

Workshop exercises: “Group 2, performance”

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