new maps of time, Torun

Report from the New Maps of Time sound workshop Torun Poland.

New Maps of Time is a project and workshop about mapping architectural structures and urban spaces using sound as a means to analyze and express actions within a space. This edition of the workshop focuses on the notion of personal narratives. Rather than work with a group read the full project description

This workshop concentrated on collaborating with local guides who would show me around the town in an attempt to discover unique spaces, sonic effects and playable objects. In the end I worked with 5 guides who were very helpful and engaged in the process of exploring the city through sound.

new maps Torunclick the map above to listen to the sounds on Radio Aporee Maps

This is an unedited binaural recording of the mechanical room controlling the ventilation system of the Center of Contemporary Art. We were allowed to access the space and I could do this short walk through the different ‘zones’ of the basement. Toward the end of the workshop we made a blindfolded ‘soundwalk’ through the building to get and idea of how the ventilation system adds to the sonic environment. 

Video showing a more extensive survey of the mechanical system sounds and the spaces.

Workshop organized by Krzysztof Gutfranski, and hosted by the Center for Contemporary Art Torun, from April 4th-9th 2011. Special thanks to Krzysztof Gutfranski and the helpful people at CSW for arranging this workshop.

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