A collection of stories from six arts who have different experiences regarding sound and listening in the Baltic States.

sound stories from the baltics

Album release of five spring chorus field recordings, made in the early hours of the morning in natural wilderness environments in Estonia.

madal öö (shallow night)

Inconclusive Responses (12:17) Composition produced from recordings made during the ‘New Maps of Time‘ workshop held in Prague, October 2009. This track is a remix of field recordings and improvisations we made at Skolska28 Gallery, Stromovka Park and the Dul Mayrau coal mine museum. Special thanks to Milos V for […]

two sound works, Prague workshop remix

sonic scratch cycles
"Sonic Scratch Cycles" an audio performance and exhibition piece made in collaboration with EKU

sonic scratch cycles

photo by EKU
Special thanks to Veljo Runnel for leading an excellent workshop on Nature Sound Recording, sharing his experiences from the last 10 years and extensive knowledge on bird species. The group spent one early morning and one full evening out in the field, analyzing and collecting sounds. We then listened to the […]

nature sound recording workshop #1

quelle tower muggenhof
During the week of April 11-17th, I spent the week in an area of Nuremberg known as Muggenhof, as part of a mini-Tuned City event.

the sounds of Muggenhof

The Sound Map of Tallinn project involves the research and production of a guide to the city of Tallinn from an auditory perspective.

mapping sounds in Tallinn

A short composition I produced for the Atlantic Waves festival double CD compilation distributed with subscriber copies of The Wire magazine.

totemic shore . composition

audio piece inspired by VLF 'natural radio' signals generated by the earth's magnetosphere from lightning strikes, auroras and other geomagnetic phenomenon.

auroral sphere

beehive structure
While cleaning our greenhouse I found an abandoned beehive almost preserved in its entirety. This was a good chance to analyze the material composition and structure of a hive. Although delicate, the hive must have been able to house a small colony within its multiple chambers and levels. A layer […]

structure of a hive

sound mapping: exploring perspectives in listening time: 5 hours per day (over 2-3 days) size: 4-8 people materials: large working table, quiet space with stereo sound system description: This workshop is about the perception of sound and using observation to direct attention for understanding how sound affects the way we […]

sound mapping: exploring perspectives in listening

an audio mix from Active Crossover featuring the work of: John Grzinich, Douglas Benford, Gints Birznieks, Jez Riley French, Iris Garrelfs, Joined By Wire, Jaanika Kakluse, Kaspars Kalnins, KIWA, Shawn Pinchbeck, Merilyn Püss, Piibe Piirma, Maksim Shentelev, Toms Siklovs, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan, Sound Meccano, Toomas Thetloff and Alexander Thomas

simon whetham & va : active crossover