The photographic work found on ‘phase space’ provides additional perspectives my artistic activity through projects and travels. Apart from documenting personal travels and interests, I also document the artistic activities around MoKS. These different areas are mixed here and sorted primarily in the order and places in which they were taken.

images from the year 2005
images from the year 2006
images from the year 2007

photo projects

portrait with a fish | portrait with a fish #2 – public photo project
light flux – movement of light in darkness
screen world wisdom – reflections on TV logic
horizons 2004 – views from the flatlands

other galleries

Pushing the Medium – symposium (meeting of sound and media artists in Estonia, Portugal, Italy)

Japan trip: autumn 2006, photos and comments
gallery 1 | gallery 2 | gallery 3 | gallery 4

here are two galleries of photos (in no particular order) reflecting the processes and collaborations of working with sound in the field:

Sound Recording Situations #1

Sound Recording Situations #2