‘sound as space, sound as language’ workshops

This workshop focused on sound as transmitter of nonverbal information, whether as a tool for communication or as a description of physical or imaginary space. We focused on sound’s ability to define/describe space, and on our ability to resonate, alter or create space by using sound. We also explored animal communication and group activity using simple everyday objects. A strong focus was placed on environmental listening, and the development of the ear towards detailed sonic perception. Using small acoustic objects and the space itself, we experimented with methods of group nonverbal sonic communication, with giving our location a voice, and with creating new spaces towards an understanding of sonic scenography. The workshop opened with an extended listening session, after which the participants  worked through a series of sonic games and were asked to bring objects to use in the later stages. -pm

Tampere Finland

This was a 3 day revenant workshop organized by Rajataide artists association of Tampere. We would like to thank our hosts for their efforts and the participants for their time and energy. The group was small but diverse and included students of various disciplines, artists, a teacher and a journalist. Apart from the excersises, some important topics were raised in many discussions we had, including; recognition of sound sources, analysis and rationalization in listening, imaginary vs real spaces, sound aesthetics, meaningful soundscapes, awareness and sharpening of senses, the role of technology, sound perception in different cultural contexts, rules of agreement in groups, sonic power vs group power, sound as emotional, textural and gestural signs, “primitive” and “tribal” feelings, sound as non-verbal information and much more.

Bytom / Wroclaw Poland


2 performances and a sound workshop with murmer

jgrzinich/murmer – opening concert:
19:00, saturday, 7th february

revenant : bytom – sound workshop:
friday and saturday, 13-14th of february

opening performance
murmer/jgrzinich live at Kronika gallery (excerpt recorded by patrick):

rynek 26, bytom, poland


plus: Galleria Entropia

jgrzinich/murmer live in Wrolcaw

18:00, free
zeznicza 4, wroclaw

Special thanks to Krzysztof Gutfranski for helping organize all this and for taking photos!

Here is a video about the performance in Wroclaw. It was billed as “Revenant Sound” which is not entirely accurate. While we do use many elements of the space and participation of those who are present, there are many added elements and aided sounds as well. Anyway its good to see how people interpret this…

Riga / Pedvale Latvia

This sound workshop was given from August 29 – September 7 2008 in Latvia. The first part was in Riga and the second at the Pedvale open air museum. The workshop was a collaborative effort between Patrick McGinley, Max Shentelevs and myself. Several locations will be included with a live performance event at NOASS on 7.9 with:

– PB8 (LT)
– soundmeccano (LV)
– murmer (US/FR)
– bernu rits / elffriede / joy laav (LV/AT/FIN)

Listen to an excerpt of the “soundwalk” group sound action:

It was a pleasure to work more with old friends and meet new people. Special thanks to all those who gave their time and energy to this workshop.


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