Workshops / Projects

—— sound workshops ——

Sound Lines / Drawing Scores

In this workshop we explored a series of combinations and intersections between drawing, gesture and sonic representation. We began by working with the components of sound and drawing separately, then slowly integrated both into a single process.

Environmental Sound Installations, research and construction

This workshop involves the research, design and construction of “environmental sound installations” using primarily available materials, found objects and recycled materials. This case means constructing an installation that produces acoustic sound from the natural forces of wind or water.

Łódź, an urban sound ecology

This project aims to understand the role that sound plays within the ecology of urban life, through a continuous series of analytical exercises and artistic interventions. Working with sound implies that all activities are context specific as sound is always intimately linked to space in which it occurs and the materials and actions from which it originates.

Sound Mapping: exploring perspectives in listening

experimental workshop about the perception of sound and using observation to direct attention for understanding how sound affects the way we think about time and space. Space can be understood in many ways, but this workshop focuses on the “mapping” of space through experiences that range from cartography to more personal impressions.

Sonic Surveys of Tallinn

interdisciplinary workshop (of artists, architects, anthropologists, geographers) concentrating on exploring working methods for mapping and sonic documentation of urban spaces and architectural structures of the city of Tallinn

New Maps of Time

workshop/project on sound mapping and interdisciplinary site-specific sound activity
(10.2009) Prague Czech Republic, (2.2010) Istanbul Turkey, (4.2010) Calgary Canada, (5.2010) Malmö, Sweden

Sound as Space, Sound as Language

collaborative sound workshop focused on sound as transmitter of nonverbal information, whether as a tool for communication and our ability to define/describe space through group sonification. conducted with Patrick McGinley and Maksims Shentelevs, held in Rajatiade Gallery (3.2009 – Tampere, Finland), Kronika Gallery (2.2009 – Bytom, Poland) and Riga/Pedvale Latvia 09.2008)

Sound workshops for youth

#1 with Seth Nehil at the Children’s Art School (Tartu 12.2005), #2 Lasnamäe Youth Center (Tallinn 02.2007), #3 Summer Theater camp, (Mooste 07.2008)

What is the Sound of 21st Century Folk Music?

sound workshop and performance, (Tartu 01.2008)

Riga Sound Locations

visual and sound documents of site-specific sound actions + workshop/installation (09.2007)

—— sound projects ——

Sound Map of Tallinn

Phase I: research and mapping of the “sonic landmarks” of Tallinn. Phase II: design and production of a printed “sound map” for the 2011 European Capital of Culture.

Eesti Helimaastikud / Soundscapes of Estonia

ongoing research platform for developing a real-time soundscape listening station in conjunction with a culture of recording, listening and awareness of the diverse soundscapes of the region.

revenant sound

ongoing collaborative project with open membership that focuses on site-specific acoustic actions (2006-present)

Nodar Flowlines

site-specific investigations in a Portuguese village (Nodar Residency, April 2008)

Location Sound Films

sound/video project and installation (2006-present)

K̵lakelder / Sound Cellar РPS6

participatory sound installation (Estonia 2006)

Helikunst eri – ‘Sound Art Special” for

Special edition edited for the Estonian art quarterly magazine KUNST.EE (June 2006)

maaheli editions / maaheli studio

personal releases, projects and working environment

Resonance Ensemble

participatory sound project (1999-present)


collaborative, participatory sound environment made with Borut Savski (Slovenia 1999)


media art event (Austin, Texas 2001)


media art event (Austin, Texas 2001)

—— documents of other projects ——


two new york shows (with Seth Nehil 2003)

sound workshop in opava

site-specific workshop (with Julian Rorhuber, czech republic 2002)

vienna rooftops (1999)

sarajevo performance (2000)