CD / DVD Releases

releases of solo work:


two films DVD

and/OAR, USA (2012) – copies available here

madal öö (shallow night) CDr

engraved glass, UK (2012) – copies available here

surface scripts CD

Semper Florens, Russia (2011) – copies available here

phase inversion CD

Mystery Sea, Belgium (2009)

ferric 3″ CD

taâlem, France (2008) – very limited copies available here

rudiment of two CD

edition sonoro, UK (2007) – limited copies available here

insular regions CD

SIRR-ecords, Portugal (2005) – limited copies available here

equal and distant lines CD

Cloud of Statics, Switzerland (2005) – rare item! very limited copies available here

intimations CD

CMR recordings, New Zealand (2004) – limited copies available here


releases of collaborative work:


lind, raud, aastaajad 2CD set

disc 1 by Yannick Dauby – disc 2 by John Grzinich and murmer. field recordings and compositions.
Invisible Birds, USA (2012) – copies available here

revenant : zeltini CD

with Maksims Shentelevs, Eamon Sprod (Tarab), Kaspars Kalninsh and Felicity Mangan
Unfathomless, Belgium (2011)

revenant : topoló CD+booklet

with yannick dauby, olivier feraud, john grzinich, hitoshi kojo and patrick mcginley
Prele records, France (2008) – copies available here

gyre CD

with Seth Nehil
Cut, Switzerland (2006) - very limited copies available here

frequency curtain CD

with Rick Reed & Josh Ronsen
Elevator Bath US (2002)

confluence CD

with Seth Nehil
Intransitive Recordings US (2002)

stria CD

with Seth Nehil
erewhon records Belgium (2002)

the absurd evidence CD

with Michael Northam
Bobby J/Orogenetics US (1998) – rare item! very limited copies available here

the stomach of the sky CD

with Michael Northam
Staalplaat, Netherlands (1997)

the lumbering intransitive dream of the alial straa CD-r

with Seth Nehil
originally a self-released cassette (1995), re-released as CD-r on Alluvial Recordings (2000)


compilation tracks:


“field mix : tape, wire, wind, rain – june 23rd 2010, 2:40am

track for the ‘sound ecology : range‘ compilation CD on Nitkie (2011) – limited copies available here

“sentience of spring”

track for the framework250 compilation (2010)

“suletud ruum”

with murmer on the derives CD
universinternational, France (2008)

animate structures no.1

on the resonant embers CD
edition sonoro, UK (2008)

totemic shore

Atlantic Waves 2xCD in association with The Wire 25 (2007)


Machinefabriek Remixed, Netherlands (2007)

Helikunsti eri

CD published with magazine 2/2006 issue (2006)


track for Untitled Songs: 49 years from Gesang der Jünglinge; SIRR-ecords, Portugal (2005)

As is often the case with jgrzinich’s music, what seems simple is in fact deceptively complex, a micropolyphonic tapestry woven of tiny sounds.
-Dan Warburton, Paris Transatlantic Magazine