Sounding Spaces workshop : Tsonami Arte Sonoro

In late November/early December 2003, I spent nearly 3 weeks in Valparaiso Chile, to participate in the Tsonami Arte Sonoro festival. My main focus was to conduct an intensive sound workshop, but I also made a solo performance in the style of “sound locations, transpositions” and took part in a panel discussion with Tarab, moderated by David Velez of Sonic Field.

The workshop, entitled “Sounding Spaces: sonic explorations and interventions” took place over five days, and resulted in a public performance at the Sala Dispositivo Cultural, a beautifully remodeled chapel in the center of town. The workshop description is as follows:

While most of us have developed an ability to both listen to and navigate through the world around us, much of these senses operate at a semi-conscious level. This workshop explores, not only raising our awareness of the connections between sound and space, but also how we can creatively use sound to redefine our connection to space and actively shape our listening experience through creative collaboration. This process involves a continuous series of observations, structured exercises, improvisations and performative interventions, to work with sound in a way that reveals the inherent interconnected relationship between a given context and the activities that take place. We can use this as a frame to help define the ‘acoustic identity’ of a place with our own responses and use of materials. The dimensions of these sonic possibilities are as varied as the spaces we will potentially explore.

I really was thankful to have a small but amazing group of four participants, Sebastian, Guely, Andres and Michel to work with as well as Eamon Sprod to share ideas with to develop the final performance.

Below is the score developed for the final piece. Nearly everything grew out of our shared experiences during the workshop and was a conscious response to the character of the space (large and reverberant).

score for the sounding spaces final performance
score for the sounding spaces final performance

David Velez wrote a review for Sonic Field and here’s an edited excerpt of the final performance:

Click on the map below to listen on Radio Aporee Maps to a collection of field recordings I made in Valaparaiso:

And I took the opportunity to shoot some film while exploring the scenic city of Valparaiso. I was even lucky enough to find two rare cameras in the local flea markets which happen every Sunday. Below are snapshots of different everyday scenes I captured while wandering.

Travel support was provided by Eesti Kultuurkapital


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