tendencies of infinite expansion

video project and installation
presented at Westwerk Gallery, Hamburg Germany
December 12-17, 2002

‘tendencies of infinite expansion’ looks at the finer qualities of flow dynamics and of materials in the solid, liquid and gaseous states; observing transitional air and noise fields of slowly shifting layers and changing densities. For me, this experiment marked another phase in an ongoing audio/visual investigation of movement patterns in thermodynamic systems. Small particles of dry ice were placed in various temperatures of water to see what characteristics it took on within the rapid phase change.


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4 thoughts on “tendencies of infinite expansion

  • Derek Holzer

    Totally amazing! Beautiful, really. I only wish that Vimeo wouldn’t make this such a frustrating, glitchy slideshow on my computer. This really strikes me as something which exponentially loses its grace to more times it has been compressed and compromised digitally.

  • jgrzinich Post author

    I really enjoyed working on this and the setup was fairly simple. The image quality is suffering here for numerous reasons. One flicker comes from the original recording where the light I used (I think some kind of halogen) had a frequency that wasn’t compatible with my NTSC camera. I didn’t realize this until afterward when editing. Another issue is that this is recompressed from a DVD copy I made several years ago, so a copy of a copy (I can’t recapture it from tape at the moment). What would be best is to redo the setup and film it again with a better camera. I wouldn’t mind that at all.