time’s arrow, landing . on bandcamp

maaheli editions 02, web release (1998/2009)

time’s arrow landing is something of a “lost” solo project dug out from my archives. Prepared originally for release on a known CD label in Europe, it was completed and mastered in early 1998, then was suddenly√ā¬†dropped for various reasons. The full album is being presented here as it has rested since that time. Nothing has been changed except for some minor level adjustments and the omission of one digital error that occurred on the DAT master.

Each track is an investigation into the juxtaposition of dense acoustic noise fields and clusters of electronic pulses and tones. The electronic sounds were produced by an old military sine wave generator and were layered and processed with numerous effects pedals and signal processors. The field recordings were made at various locations around Austin, TX and were mostly left unprocessed. The equipment used was mostly rented or borrowed from friends, particularly Michael Northam.

maaheli editions is a platform for releasing personal or collaborative experimental productions of maaheli studio. These releases are not subject to any medium, schedule or plan.

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