Yannick Dauby (FR) (b. 1974, France) is sound-artist/researcher, practicing field recording, multi-media installations, electroacoustic composition and improvisation. He has particuliar interest for animal or environmental sounds as well as urban situations and is currently involved in anthropology and ethology studies about human-animal interactions and soundscape.

Urkuma (Stefano De Santis) (IT) Born in the south-east of Italy in salento-finisterrae region. Starting from writing for theatre (the name of urkuma's site "" is the title of a surrealistic plot about the problem of refugees), he developed a personal way to express his theatrical texts in sound. The word "urkuma" is an idiomatic expression of his salento-region: urkuma is the opposite of buddhist-nirvana's concept and it-he-she is entropic-anarchic-heterogeneous. Playing live urkuma usually uses laptop, small electronic devices, clarinette, effects, vocal, selfmade instruments, tapes, feedback-boxes and everything is possible to rape.

Antonio Della Marina (IT) Italian electronic composer Antonio Della Marina focuses on sequencies, frequencies and phase of sine waves and the essential characteristics of sound itself. His work exploits sound's physical property, its causality with human perception, time and space. Since 1998 he has been active in sound art through concerts and sound installations. Since 2000 he's been the curator for the sonic settings of the multimedia IX Century Museum at the University of Bologna.

Olivier Feraud (FR) Olivier Féraud is laureat from art school of Nice (France). After a cursus in ethnomusicoly he is now Phd researcher in social anthropology in Paris. Participating to initiate a sound anthropology, he works on vocal acts a noise attitude in the city of Napoli (Italy). His art works consist in phonography and sound poetry, in wich voice is always present as sound object as well as sign of people intimity. He makes also sound documentaries for french radios (France Culture, Arte Radio, Radio Grenouille). Musical instrument maker specialised in middel Age organology, he regulary plays in concert in colaboration with several groups.

Klaus Filip (AT) Almost all of klaus filip's art projects have been driven by technological possibilities and the social need to change structures. Among them short films, theatre, dance, sound-installations. klaus filip is the inventor and never sleeping developer of the open-source software "lloopp", a musical instrument on the computer to provide open structures for live-improvisation, used by many well-known electronic musicians. While he used to play on the edge of a computers abilities in the past years, he is now reducing the processes to mere sinus-waves, overlapping with themselves and the ever sounding surroundment of a place; searching for the individual limits of perception, in loudness and movement. he did play together with many musicians in many different places, the list of these is supressed...

Alessandro Fogar (IT) Alessandro Fogar works in the field of electronic music and multimedia art, with a marked interest in natural sounds, soundscapes, spatialization and interactive systems. He has explored various approaches to sound generation, recording and production, the resulting compositions are often studies in transforming, mutating existing sounds. The techniques range from the construction of original instrument and the capturing of acoustic phenomenon through environmental field recordings to digital multi-tracking and manipulation. His works have been published on several labels (Frog Peak records, S'Agita, AUA, Ants, AFE records, iXem) and broadcasted worldwide. He lives in Grado (Go), studies Electronic music and new media tecnologies, Conservatorio G. Tartini, Trieste.

John Grzinich (US/EE) is a mixed media artist who has been working mainly with various aspects of sound experimentation since 1994. He has performed and worked extensively throughout Europe and the US and has published a number of CDs on such labels as CUT (CH), Staalplaat (NL), CMR (NZ), erewhon (BE), Intransitive Recordings (US), Elevator Bath (US), Pale-Disc (JP), Cloud of Statics(CH), and SIRR(PT). These works consist of solo and and collaborative productions of experimental electro-acoustic sound pieces that result from studio and performance activity. Currently John is a project and media lab coordinator for MoKS - center for art and social practice, an artist-run international residency center and project space in southeast Estonia.

Noid (Arnold Haberl) (AT) With his music he tries to understand the reality of sound we live in. Of course this reality is including imaginations, wishes, dreams and acoustical halluzinations as well as the sound of the fan of his laptop or the wolf-tone of his cello. His sensual approach, once in a while assisted by structural concepts, can have a wide range of contradictory outcome, that is always to be understood as a concentrate (essence), leaving out irrelevant points. It's up to the listener to extract a digestable dose.

Karen Hay (UK) was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1979. She studied at Derby University and completed a BA(Hons) in Popular Music with Music Technology in 2001. Karen is currently registered as a PhD student at Leeds University studying electroacoustic composition under the supervision of Ewan Stefani and lecturing at Edge Hill University in Technical Theatre. Karen’s current line of investigation deals with the hierarchical structure of the auditory and visual senses in performance, analysing the emotional experience of the audience and performers when interpreting, visually recalling and developing responses from sounds. Karen combines traditional recording techniques with digital manipulation and electroacoustic composition to produce thought-provoking sounds.

Hitoshi Kojo (JP) Hitoshi Kojo has worked in various artistic areas such as music composition and painting in both traditional and contemporary forms, as well as installation, performance, etc... He has primarily worked in Europe since 2004. Some of his works have been published as audio CD from several labels in Europe. Most of titles of his recording have released by another name 'Spiracle' as well as various anonymous projects. He also has organized a label for publishing recordings 'Octpia' since 2000. Since he moved to Europe, collaborative projects with other artists have been becoming big part of his activity until now, such as John Grzinich, Patrick McGinley, Yannick Dauby, Michael Norhtam, Maurizio Bianchi, Jonathan Coleclough etc...

Murmer (Patrick McGinley) (US) American born sound and performance artist who has lived and worked in europe since 1996. from 1996 until 1998 he lived in paris, where he studied theatre and began his sound experiments in the context of those studies. moving to london in 1998, he began a collection of found sounds and found objects that would become the basis of his work. in 2002 he founded framework, an organisation which produces a weekly field-recording based radio show on london's resonamcefm. he has composed works for many theatre performances, including the works of his own company, as well as performing live soundworks for others. his work concentrates on the framing of sounds from our environment which normally pass through our ears unnoticed and unremarked, but which out of context become unrecognisable, alien and extraordinary: crackling charcoal, a squeaking escalator, a buzzing insect, or one’s own breath.

Francesco Michi (IT) lives and works in Firenze, Italy, where he also took a degree in Philosophy and then in Electronic Music. In 1982, he founded FORMAT - architetture sonore -,a group of musicians/composers working in the field of electroacoustic and computer music. Though having different musical background the members of FORMAT shared a common research and activity regarding the relationship between sound and environment. He published several theoretical essays and realized sound installations, performances, sound sculptures, sound and musical machines, radio programmes etc., in Italy and abroad. All these works are based on the concepts of acoustic ecology and acoustic design. In the years 1997/1999 he directed INCONTRI MUSICANICI, a Festival of Experimental Music and Art which took place in Firenze, Italy. Since 1999 he is involved also (as a teorician and as an artist) in musical webbased project. In 2002 he starts AEFB.ORG (Aesthetic Flow Buro) which hosts his last webbased works.

Toshimaru Nakamura (JP) has been producing electronic music on self-named "no-input mixing board," after long unhappy years with the electric guitar. The name describes the method of his music. "No" external sound source is connected to "inputs" of the "mixing board." Mostly an improviser, occasionally a composer for dancers, an instrumentalist for compositions.

Paulo Raposo (PT) is a sound and media artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Despite having studied cinema and philosophy, he has been working in the medium of live electronic and computer sound since the early nineties, performing, exhibiting installation works and recording throughout Europe and the US. He is the founder and director of SIRR records, a label dedicated to new and experimental forms of music.

Billy Roisz (AT) specializes in feedback video and video/sound interaction. Using monitors, cameras, video mixingdesks, a selfbuilt videosynth, computer and turntables for video and sound generating. Member a.o. of NotTheSameColor (/w dieb13), AVVA (/w Toshimaru Nakamura) and silly (/w akoasma).

Giancarlo Toniutti (IT) born in udine 21.3.1963. Diverse studies including 3 years of electronic music at Venice Conservatory of music under Alvise Vidolin (1982-85). Diverse releases of experimental electroacoustic music and publications of articles and essays. Researcher in different fields (morphology, acoustics, anthropology, linguistics etc.)... A good fellow.