Over the ocean

April 19th, Marine Headlands.  I have been travelling in USA for various reasons this time: family, art and networking.   Headlands Center for the Arts is my last location here – taking chance of this great opportunity  what Headlands offers for their alumni artists by providing 2 week studio and residency space. Also my trip here would not be possible without the funding from Cultural Endowment of Estonia. I appreciate these supports very much indeed.

I got nice appartment and great studio space, I can hear Pacific ocean and see Golden Gate bridge if i just take a little walk.  Im working in strings and drawings, where I explore how the repetitive movement of a pencil/ weawing affects the body and its motion. This surface-body-surface feedback is a generative method to shift from abstraction to figural imagery.


Im going out to a white snow-covered landscape. Some days skiing and when weather is too cold and windy then for a short walk. I live in a countryside.  Around my house there are all kind of tracks: rabbit paths, deer steps, raven wing swaps, snowmobile zig-zags, human boots… Snow  and wind delete the old ones, so that every day wonderers can start from blank sheet of a landscape.
Some tracks  redrawn daily.  Some tracks made new, it depends where is ones detstination at that time. But its hard to walk when there is over half a meter of snow.