a forest audience of trees and microphones

Towards the end of our intentional gathering, two trips were made into the nearby state forest. Each time we walked until we were attracted to a particular place then settled in and set up. These in-situ ‘performances’ were made with objects brought by each person and materials found at the locations. The “goal” if there was any, was to explore the interactions between ourselves and the space around us, using sound. As there were various recording configurations made, different perspectives of the events were captured. This is an acoustically subjective approach similar to that of each of the ‘players’, I quite like, which raises the question, who or what is the “audience”? The recordings below are direct from my binaural microphone setup. Perhaps the most elaborate recording configuration was made by Eric Cordier during the second excursion, who set up multiple microphones and a battery powered mixing desk, to listen in on different angles to the complexity of events unfolding in the trees.

Perruel forest session 1 : with Thomas Tilly, Patrick McGinley, Maksims Shentelevs, Paulo Raposo, Johanna Lonka and myself (5:38):

Perruel forest session 2 : with Eric Cordier, Patrick McGinley, Maksims Shentelevs, Johanna Lonka and myself (4:32):


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