John Grzinich CV of artistic work

(1995-Present) Freelance Audio-Visual Artist:

(2003-2019) Artist Residency and Program Coordinator NGO MOKS:


(2018-2023) Visiting Associate Professor, New Media chair, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn Estonia

(2012-2021) BA and MA Seminars in Sound Design. Department of Audio-Visual Media Arts – RISEBA, Riga Latvia



(03.2023) “Geofractions, Swarm Edition”, Üle Heli sfääriline õhtu vol 3: Õhtus on õhku, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, (Tallinn, EE)
(10.2022) ‘Audioswarm La Paz’ performance, Sonandes Bienale of Sound Art (LaPaz, Bolivia)

Sound Locations – Transpositions : mixed media sound performance
(08.2019) Kukemuru Ambient festival (Laupa Mõis, Estonia)
(09.2017) Space Texture XI, White Night (Riga LV)
(12.2013) Tsonami Arte Sonoro Festival (Valparaiso Chile)
(09.2013) ‘Monofest’ Ukraine tour, (Kiev, Odesa, Sebastopol)
(09.2010) Roter Salon at Volksbühne (Berlin, DE)
(11.2009) Apartment Project (Istanbul, TR)
(01.2009) Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival (Berlin DE)
(10.2008) Sonikas Festival, (Madrid, ES)
(10.2007) Experimental Sound Gallery, (St Petersburg, RU), DOM, (Moscow, RU)
(05.2007) Observatori Festival, (Valencia, ES)
(12.2006) Cinema REX, (Belgrade, Serbia), Studentki Centar, (Zagreb, HR)
(10.2006) with Paulo Raposo, La Sala Castello, Barcelona (ES)
(11.2004) DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Festival) (Rotterdam, NL)

Location Sound Films, sound/video installation
(09.2013) Out of Sync. Looking back at the history of Sound Art at KUMU (Tallinn, Estonia)
(07.2009) Liquid Architecture festival, West Space Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)
(09.2008) Full Pull festival exhibition (Malmö, Sweden)
(08.2008) Appelboom (La Pommerie, France)
(07.2008) Tuned City festival (Berlin, Germany)
(09.2007) Võru City Gallery (Võru, Estonia)
(04.2007) Eyeglass Shop (Portland, USA)
(02.2007) “In the Landscape” Exhibition, Skolska28 Gallery (Prague, CZ)

equal and distant lines, live video/sound performance
(11.2003) 322 Union Gallery : (New York, USA)
(08.2003) PostsovkhoZ 3 arts symposium : (Mooste, Estonia)
(07.2003) Stazione Topoló/Postaja Topolove Festival : (Topoló, IT)

(06.2003) A Sound Practice, lectures+video presentations; CCA/Jeleni (Prague, CZ), Buryzone (Bratislava, SK), Media Centar (Sarajevo, BiH)

(01.2003) Hörbar, video screening with live sound mix, (Hamburg, DE)

(12.2002) Tendencies of Infinite Expansion : Sound+Video Installation, Westwerk Gallery, (Hamburg, DE)

‘Stillness in Time’, sound+video works 2001-2002, screening and lectures

(10.2002) Poland/Baltic Tour: BWA-AVANGARD Gallery -Wroclaw (PL), Academy of Music -Krakow (PL), -Academy of Music -Warsaw (PL), Gallery NOASS -Riga (LV), Kunstmaja Monumentaalgaleriis -Tartu (EST), Tartu Art College (EST), Academy of Art – Vilnius (LT)

Group Exhibitions and Events

(10.2023) ‘Powerless Flight’ and ‘Procession’ Sequences XI Art Festival, Reykjavik Iceland

(06-08.2023) ‘Breathing Doors’ for ‘Shelter – Sanctuary’ exhibition curated by Helena Tulve, EKKM, Tallinn Estonia

(06.2023) ‘Powerless Flight’ wind harp installation, Monheim Triennial II, Monheim, German

(10.2022) ‘Powerless Flight’ wind harp installation, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam Netherlands

(04.2022) ‘Powerless Flight’ wind harp installation, Hear Here Leuven Belgium

(03.2022) Helikunsti grupinäitus : Möödarääkimised Tartu Kunstimaja / Tartu Art House

(06.2021-10.2021) ‘Geofractions’ installation as part of the Life in Decline exhibition, Estonian Mining Museum, Kohtla-Nõmme Estonia

(07.2020) ‘Powerless Flight’ permanent windharp installation, Copper Leg Center, Rae Estonia

(06.2018) ‘Un-spatial-listening’; Audio Composition for Il Suono in Mostra – rassegna internazionale di arte sonora, Udine Italy

(06.2018) Resonant Geometry; Tuned City, Ancient Messene Greece, (10/2018) Architecture of the Senses, Plays Czechia

(11.2017) ‘Water Voices’ installation “Grandmother Moon” open-air exhibition, Tsukuba Japan

(08.2017) Wind Harp Array; Borderline Gallery, Wolimierz Poland

(08.2018) METSIK/WILD exhibition, Mooste Estonia

(06.2015) Permeate exhibition (with Evelyn Grzinich), Hirvitalo Pispalan Nykytaiteen Keskus, Tampere Finland

(Spring.2011) Sound Map of Tallinn for Tuned City Tallinn, research phase conducted with students of TLU (EE)

(01.2010) Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival performance with murmer and Paulo Raposo (Berlin, DE)

(10.2009) Active Crossover, live sound performance with Maksims Shentelevs Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol and Red Gallery (Hull, UK)

(11.2007) Atlantic Waves Festival, SIRR Records night. Improvisation with Paulo Raposo, Jason Kahn, eRikm, The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, UK)

“Clinamen Tides” live sound performance, with Hitoshi Kojo and EKU (Evelyn Grzinich) (7.2006) Pispalan Nykytaiteen Keskus, Tampere Finland (8.06) PostsovkhoZ6 Mooste, Estonia (10.06) Gallery Saoh and Tomos, Tokyo (11.06) Abiko Open Air Exhibition (11. 06) Bridge, Osaka (11.06) Gallery Shin-bi, Kyoto

(12.2005) Point+Periphery: collaborative sound performances with Seth Nehil and Hitoshi Kojo – Galleria Titanik -Turku, Rajatila Galleria -Tampere, Forum Box -Helsinki (Finland)

(2005) Unheard Dreams, Vernal Flux (Centre d ?art en l ?ille, Geneva, Switzerland (painting and sound performance with Evelyn Grzinich)

(06.2005) suveFLUX, 4-way 6-hour collaborative sound performance with Michael Northam, Loren Chasse and Hitoshi Kojo at the Sõmerpalu Mansion (Estonia)

(05.2005) “Penumbra” sound performance with Paulo Raposo, Serralves Foundation (Porto, Portugal)

(06.99) Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia) BIOTOPE sound installation with Borut Savski

(10-11.96) ERG Trans-European Tour with Michael Northam: live electro-acoustic performance Mozg Club: Bydgoszcz(PL), Club Artistika: Wroclaw(PL), Hörbar: Hamburg(DE), Hfbk-the garage: Hamburg(DE), Maison de l’Etudiant: Caen(FR), Theater E. Petralla: Longiano, as part of the Altri Musica Altri Canti festival(IT), The Container: Florence, as part of the Incontri Musicanici festival(IT), Berner Gallerie: Bern, as part of the Denkpause group exhibition(CH)

PUBLISHED WORKS (select discography)

for online releases, see Maaheli Editions on Bandcamp


DVD “Two Films” and/OAR, USA (2012)
CD-r “Madal öö” Engraved Glass UK (2012)
CD “surface scripts” Semperflorens, Russia (2011)
CD “phase inversion” Mystery Sea, Belgium (2009)
CD “rudiment of two” Edition Sonoro, UK (2007)
CD “insular regions” SIRR-ecords, Portugal (2005)
CD “equal and distant lines” Cloud of Statics, Switzerland (2005)
CD “intimations” CMR recordings, New Zealand (2004) 


“Khompost” ‘Soundproof’ radio program ABC Radio Australia (with Simon Whetham and Eamon Sprod)
CD “Lind, Raud, Aastaajad” w/ Yannick Dauby and murmur, Invisible Birds (USA 2012)
CD “revenant : zeltini” w/ maksims shentelevs, eamon sprod, kaspars kalninsh, felicity mangan Unfathomless (Belgium, 2011)
CD “revenant : topolo” w/ yannick dauby, olivier feraud, john grzinich, hitoshi kojo and patrick mcginley, Prele records, (France, 2008)
CD “Gyre” with Seth Nehil, Cut Records (Switzerland, 2006)
CD “confluence” with Seth Nehil, Intransitive Recordings (US, 2002)
CD “stria” with Seth Nehil, erewhon records (Belgium, 2002)
CD “Frequency Curtain” with Rick Reed and Josh Ronsen, Elevator Bath (US, 2002)
CD “the absurd evidence” with Michael Northam, Orogenetics (US, 1998)
CD “the stomach of the sky” with Michael Northam, Staalplaat, (Netherlands, 1997) 

compilation works 

“Order Induction” 3 artist comp. Semperflorens SF025P CD (Russia 2017)
“Prevailing Wind, Tangled Under” Corollaries, Crónica online series (Portugal 2016) “Return to Jägala” for the ‘Andrei Tarkovsky – Another Kind Of Language’ 3x CD on and/ OAR (US 2015)
“From the Wisla river to the Zaspa skyway” on the ‘SoundPlay Festival compilation CD’ (Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art (Poland 2015)
“field mix : tape, wire, wind, rain – june 23rd 2010, 2:40am” for the ‘sound ecology : range‘ compilation CD on Nitkie (Russia 2011)
“sentience of spring” on the Framework250 double CD compilation, (Estonia 2009)
“suletud ruum” with murmer on the derives CD universinternational, France (2008)
“animate structures no.1” on the resonant embers CD, edition sonoro, UK (2008)
“totemic shore” Atlantic Waves 2xCD in association with The Wire 25 (2007)
“Kruimeldief” Machinefabriek Remixed, Netherlands (2007)
“Helikunsti eri” CD published with magazine (2/2006 issue)
“Untitled” track for Untitled Songs: 49 years from Gesang der Jünglinge SIRR-ecords, Portugal (2005)


Sounding Objects, Sounding Spaces, Sonandes Biennale of Sound Art (01.2022, LaPaz Bolivia)

Uncertain Futures KUNO workshop w/ Henri Hütt, Narva Art Residency (08.2022 Narva Estonia)

Sounding Objects, Sounding Spaces, KUNO workshop, Vilnius Academy of Arts (11.2021, Vilnius Lithuania)

Site+Specifics workshop, OOTreders festival (10.2020 Pelt, Belgium)

Hearing and Othering workshop for EKA New Media students (11.2016, 12.2017 MoKS Estonia)

Environmental Sound Workshop for Estonian Music Academy CoPeCo masters (01.2022, 11.2016, 12.2018 MoKS Estonia)

Malakta Sound Field Lab two field recording workshops (10.2016, 09.2017 Malax Finland) 

Sound Observations: critical listening and reflection on field recording, Center for Contemporary Art (09.2015 Warsaw, Poland)

Place and Displacement : site-specific responses through sound”, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (12.2014 Bergen, Norway) 

Sounding Spaces : performative interventions with sound and public space
workshop at Resonances Festival (09.2016 Elblag Poland)
‘Sounding Gdansk’ SoundPlay Festival (06.2014 Gdansk, Poland)
Tsonami Arte Sonoro festival (11.2013 Valparaiso, Chile)
LAK festival of Nordic Sound Art (09.2013 Copenhagen, Denmark) 

Sound Tectonics workshop Edition #1 (11.2013 Athens, Greece) 

MUTOPIA process oriented workshop exploring collaborative creation and open forms of authorship
(06.2012) #7, M:ST and The Banff Centre (Banff, Canada)
(05.2010) #6, with Tero Nauha at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (Tomar, Portugal) (12.2009) #5, with Evelyn Müürsepp, Jelgava University (Jelgava, Latvia)
(12.2009) #4, with Ernest Truely, Polymer Kultuuritehas (Tallinn, Estonia)
(08.2009) #3, with Taavi Tatsi and Bruno Humberto, AVAMAA Art Symposium (Mooste, Estonia)(04.2009) #2, with Tero Nauha, at Instituto Politécnico de Tomar (Macao, Portugal) (08.2008) #1, with Tero Nauha, AVAMAA Art Symposium (Mooste, Estonia) 

Environmental Sound Installations, research and construction (05.2012 Kaunas, Lithuania) 

LODZ, an Urban Sound Ecology (Center for Contemporary Art, Lodz Poland, 05.2012)

New Maps of Time : sound workshop/residency project
Transforming Freedom and X-OP (08.2011 Vienna, Austria) Center for Contemporary Art (04.2011 Torun, Poland) Full Pull/MEDEA (05.2010 Malmö, Sweden) Emedia (04.2010 Calgary, Canada) Apartment Project and X-OP (02.2010 Istanbul, Turkey) FAMU/Skoska28 (10.2009 Prague, Czech Republic)

Sound Mapping, exploring perspectives in listening (09.2010 Berlin, Germany) 

Sound workshop for Art Pedagogy Students, Christian Albrechts Universität (01.2010 Kiel, Germany) 

Sound as Space, Sound as Language : collaborative workshop and sound performance with Maksims Shentelevs and Patrick McGinley, Rajatiade Gallery (03.2009 Tampere, Finland)
with Patrick McGinley, Kronika Gallery (02.2009 Bytom, Poland)
with Maksims Shentelevs and Patrick McGinley (09.2008 Riga/Pedvale Latvia) 

Riga Sound Locations (workshop/installation) audio-visual documents of site-specific sound actions (09.2007 NOASS Gallery, Riga, Latvia) 

Sound Workshops for Youth (07.2008) (02.2007) (12.2005)
rev.3 -part of Youth Theater camp (Mooste Estonia)
rev.2 -Lasnamäe Youth Center (Tallinn, Estonia)
rev.1 -with Seth Nehil at the Childrens Art School (Tartu, Estonia) 


Living Water (2020 Color 4K) location recording and sound design with Dir. Pavel Borecky
(World Premiere) 24th Ji.hlava IDFF, (International Premiere) Visions du Réel 2021

Transduction Twentyfifteen (2016 B&W HD 15min) 

Curonia (2015 Color-B&W, HD 42min)
Szczecin European Film Festival (World Premiere) Szczecin, Poland (10.2015) Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Vilnius (Preview 3.2015), Full of Noises Festival, Cumbira UK (7.2015), Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw Poland (9.2015) 

Listening in Context (2014 Color, HD 18min)
Worldfilm Festival, Tartu Estonia (3.2015), Worldfilm Festival, Riga Latvia (4.2015) Full of Noises Festival, Cumbira UK (7.2015)

Sound Aspects of Material Elements (2010 B&W, HD 57min)
Calgary Underground Film Festival (Premiere 04.2010), Galeria Entropia Poland (05.2010), Pacific Northwest College of Art USA (05.2010), Altes Finanzamt Berlin (09.2010), Estonian National Museum (11.2010), Haus Der Kulturen der Welt Berlin for the Über Lebenskunst Festival (08.2011) Audio Kino by SoundFjord, London (10.2011) Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Scotland (10.2011), KUMU Estonian Museum of Art (09.2013-01.2014), Mu?csarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest (09.2014), Transparent Sound Festival, Budapest Hungary (01.2019). 


SOLU Bioart Society ‘Field_Notes’ group residency “North Escaping” (September 2023)

La Timidité des Cîmes (Crown Shyness) Creative residency on the territory of the Atelier de la 8e Île, Moisie, Québec, Canada (August 2023)

Sounds of our Cities, project residency, Roeselare Belgium (October 2021)

Copper Leg, Rae Estonia (June-July 2020)

Mustarinda, Hyrunsalmi Finland (November 2019)

Agosto Foundation, Prague Czechia (October 2018)

Tsukuba Art Center, Tsukuba Japan (October/November 2017)

Platform Artists Association, Vaasa Finland (January/February 2017)

Skalar Sound Art | Experimental Music, Seyðisfjörður Iceland (March/April 2016) 

ECMA group residency “We only want the intangible”, Pizzo Italy (10.2015)

Active Crossover Mooste” with Simon Whetham, MoKS Estonia (April/May 2015) 

DAR (Lithuanian Composers Union), Druskininkai, Lithuania (8.2015)

Sound Development City 2014: artistic expedition Riga-Helsinki (09.2014)

“Technical Unconscious”, EU Project residency, Porto, Portugal (04.2013)

Nida Art Colony, Neringa Lithuania (11-12.2012)

Transforming Freedom, Vienna Austria (08.2011)

Apartment Project, Istanbul Turkey (02.2010)

7.Stock, Dresden Germany (01.2009)

Binaural Media, Nodar Portugal (04.2008)

Aijima Art Center, Abiko Japan (10.2006)

Loviisa Guest Studio, Loviisa Finalnd (09-12.2005)

Jeleni Studio: Center for Contemporary Art, Prague (08-09.2002)

Bauhaus Kolleg: ‘Serve City’ participant, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany (09.01-05.2002)

Ministry of Experiment, Radio Študent, Ljubljana Slovenia (08.1999-08.2000)