aeolian wind harp

aeolian wind harp installation

In May of 2015 an array of wind harps were built as an environmental sound installation in a former apple orchard in Mooste. The aeolian harps were built out of simple materials like nylon string, plastic buckets and small trees found nearby (not cut by us). This work came about as a collaborative effort between myself, Simon Whetham, Arlene Tucker and Fernando Godoy during Active Crossover Mooste, a cross-cultural collaborative residency curated by Simon Whetham and hosted by MoKS, in April and May 2015. This installation was something of a follow up on the original MoKSville wind harp installation from 2012.

The term ‘aeolian’ comes from the mythological Greek god Aeolius who was the keeper of the winds. There is some ambiguity as to who Aeolius was as he takes the form of three different mythological characters. Maybe this reflects our own relationship to the wind depending on which form the wind may take be it beneficial (as with generating power) or threatening (as with storms). Nevertheless wind harp installations help give a ‘voice’ to the wind, mediating our connection to this natural force which is as dynamic, chaotic and ever present as any living entity. Extended listening to an array of wind harps reveals the character of the wind and defines its relation to a place (as it is affected by all the surrounding elements, trees, hills, buildings, fields etc.). This location was selected because the harps sit centrally in a corridor between two parallel rows of trees which helps channel the wind and give it a more consistent directionality.

Supported by Arts Council England and British Council, Eesti Kultuurkapital and MoKS.

I build a second array of wind harps for the Borderline Art Gallery in Wolimierz Poland. The gallery is an outdoor trail is an old railway line between the Polish and Czech border that was dismantled following WWII. A local group of activists and artists from Atelier Wolimierz have turned the abandoned railway line into a path for walking and biking.

Special thanks to Atelier Wolimierz for hosting me and helping me realize this project.

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