jonathan coleclough

an untitled installation : jonathan coleclough

While in England last week I had the rare chance to see/hear an installation work by Jonathan Coleclough. It was initially created for a sound exhibition he co-organized in 2006 at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire. The piece is designed for a specific site, an actively used greenhouse that is divided into three parts. As one walks through the greenhouse the spatial differences are enhanced by subtle changes in the sounds that emanate from small sound systems discreetly placed in each room. The sounds are derived from a work in progress that Jonathan explained to be based on a series of slowly repeating flute recordings. Additional live sounds come [indirectly] from the plants themselves living in the greenhouse via a bioactivity translator (similar to the ones used by Michael Prime). The result is one that can draw in your attention as well as allow you to relax and sink into the pace of the place, where plants grow easily and evening sounds filter in from the surrounding park.

untitled installation, Jonathan Coleclough (2:04) England, November 2007:


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