ant hill activity

Last spring I started to document my sound recording activities with a video camera (many times recording the audio directly to the camera). This material eventually developed into the Location Sound Films project. After collecting a wide amount of material from field recordings, natural phenomenon, found objects and site-specific activity, I started to try and figure out what to do with it. Some of the videos made their way into live performances while others were used in installations. To give some idea of what this material looks like I am posting one here. This one I’ve termed “Ant Hill Activity” because that’s just what it is. This was recorded in south Estonia while on a roundabout excursion (it was not planned). I’m posting this video especially in response to some people asking Steve Roden what his recording of ants in Norway sounded like.

Original Sound Recording:

Short film about Formica Aquilonia or the Red Wood Ant kingdoms common to Estonia

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