audiogalerii event, Tallinn

On Tuesday there was a live concert event in Tallinn organized by Kiwa in cooperation with Galerii 008. What makes this “gallery” unique is that it is actually an architectural lighting showroom, making the whole listening environment rather stylish. I performed in a trio configuration with Murmer and Fantomas. Others on the bill were Camilla Hannan from Australia and Bertuf from France. Camilla is currently in the MoKS residency for the month of August along with Van Sowerwine.

Our performance consisted of a hand full of objects and self-made instruments that would be interwoven with field recordings by Patrick. Patrick also controlled a looping pedal into which we slowly fed sounds such as my viola-like instrument made from a hayrack stick and piano wires. Fantomas played with glass beads. We both had prickly instruments made from chimney cleaners which were amplified by contact mics an connected to some mini-speakers for mobility. We ended with all acoustic sounds. Patrick played a Tibetan bowl while Fantomas and I bowed 2 old steel saws (the kind with two handles). The overall combination came out as a blending of rich high pitched overtones.

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