Curonia : film : 2015


Country of Production | Lithuania/Estonia

Running Time | 42 minutes

Aspect Ratio | 2.35:1

Original Format | HD

Screening Format | H.264, ProRes 422

Language | None

concept, sound, camera, editing: John Grzinich
collaborative recordings made with: Evelyn Grzinich
logistics and support: Nida Art Colony, MoKS, Kulturkontakt Nord

The Curonian Spit of coastal Lithuania is a site under constant ephemeral transition, from the varying people’s who have inhabited it, right through to the geographical construction of the land itself. Curonia explores the relationship between the artist and this specific environment through a discovery process that revolves around sound and listening in. The ephemeral elements, materials and objects found on location, provided a rich palette for exploration through both passive observation and active engagement. The film continues the directors work in developing an intimate, cinema of the senses, by placing an emphasis on sound and the sonic experience.

Curonia was born out of a two month artist residency at the Nida Art Colony in November and December 2011. During the residency I made daily excursions into the landscape to collect objects, research acoustic phenomenon, create temporary installations that respond to the environment and carry our performative actions. By the end of the residency I collected enough recorded materials to develop a full film project. Curonia took its initial form from my previous film ‘Sound Aspects of Material Elements‘ yet works with an editing style that reflects the environment and material I felt I captured.


Szczecin European Film Festival (World Premiere) Szczecin, Poland (10.2015), Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Vilnius (Preview 3.2015), Full of Noises Festival, Cumbira UK (7.2015), Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Warsaw Poland (9.2015), No Dialogue Film Festival, Bristol UK (2.2016), A Night of Listening, Conduit Arts, Melbourne AU (3.2016), Wolves International Film Festival, Lithuania (8.2016), Artcroft film and video festival, Kentucky USA (9.2016).


To arrange a screening, please send me a message via the contact page.


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