Derives – compilation CD

Announcing the Derives compilation CD on Universinternational. This contains a collaborative track from myself and Patrick McGinley (murmer) among other fine artists.

Special thanks to Pali for putting this together. The cover design really fits the concept and is silkscreen printed. Here is the info from the press release:

First, there was the desire of an ambitious record, then to work with these artists, to bring them together. Unavoidably, a rule had to be set, and everybody had enough taste to bend it somewhat.

Francisco Lopez, jgrzinich+murmer, Rui Costa, Pali Meursault, Tö, Maksims Shentelevs and Helena Gough have given us pieces built from an active listening of their own environment.

Beyond a gallery of subjective pictures of the sound landscape, something different emerged: maybe the very specific way an ear plugs to the world, and makes the energy flow between the outside and the inside.

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