environmental sound installation kaunas

Environmental sound installation workshop, Kaunas

a workshop by John Grzinich for Centras 12 festival, Kaunas, April 12-15, 2012

This workshop involves the research, design and construction of “environmental sound installations” using primarily available materials, found objects and recycled materials. “Environmental sound installation” in this case means an installation that produces acoustic sound from the natural forces of wind or water. It does not use electricity or electronic devices. Wind and water provide a constant source of energy as forces of nature. These forces can therefore be used to move, shake, spin, or resonate objects which will then produce sound. This workshop continues my long term interest in the relationship between sound and our immediate environment, of how sounds inform us and shape our perception of the places and spaces we inhabit. Special thanks to Arma and Skrandis for their organizing efforts.

below is a short video showing a few of the installations that were produced over a short 2 day period.

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