equal and distant lines

CD Cloud of Statics , Switzerland (2005)


RARE ITEM! very limited copies available, 25 each (includes shipping cost)

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note: I am selling a few of the last copies I have of this CD. Unfortunately these copies have a few light scratches on the spine. Otherwise they are in new condition, still wrapped in plastic. Contact me if you would like to see more photos.


‘equal and distant lines’ grew out of a nomadic state of living, a period of transitory existence. In this state one assumes the identity of a nomad, a survivor traveling on the substance of movement. Through these periods of instability structures of understanding emerge, from conceptual ideas to practical realization. Reference for fixed points become strings attached to remote locations. Locality is defined by purpose of mobility, focus comes in the in-between…

This CD comes in a deluxe package with special fold out booklet and was designed by Michael Northam special for this edition.



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