framework250 compilations

My track “sentience of spring” (09:48) is available on the Framework250 double CD compilation

The track is composed from a mix of field recordings and site-specific sound actions made in the Spring of 2009 in Southeast Estonia and Riga Latvia, some of which include my ongoing fascination with found long wire installations. This is a slightly remixed version of a piece composed for the Active Crossover installation by Simon Whetham that was exhibited in Bristol in October 2009.

The framework250 compilations are only available by making a donation to the framework radio show.

from the framework host, Hatrick McGinley:

the framework250 compilations are now ready to ship!

we are celebrating a landmark. in september framework aired its 250th edition. to mark the occasion, a collection of artists who have been important to the program over the years agreed to donate new and exclusive tracks, which we have published on a pair of double-cdr compilations, in handmade packaging.

they come in hand-cut, hand-folded, hand-silkscreened opaque origami sleeves, with inlay cards printed on local 100% recycled estonian-made paper from the rapina village paper factory, about 20km from me here in mooste. the sounds are slow-burnt onto the highest quality taiyo yuden cdrs, and hand-stamped with custom made rubber stamps. they sound andlook great, if i do say so myself. all in all, my novice over-enthusiasm means these are more effort that i would probably ever be willing to make for a release again, so snap them up while you can!

including exclusive works from: jeph jerman, loren chasse, nuno moita & matteo uggeri, felicity ford, tarab, murmer, scott sherk, steve roden, peter cusack, keith berry, toshiya tsunoda, maria balabas, asmus tietchens, keith de mendonca, seth nehil, martin clarke, maksims shentelevs, hitoshi kojo, dallas simpson, eric cordier, jonathan coleclough & ben owen, toy.bizarre, mark schreiber, michael ruesenberg, jim haynes, thomas tilly /TO, john grzinich, jean-luc guionnet, emmanuel mieville, jez riley french, giancarlo toniutti, rie nakajima, chris watson, joel stern & lloyd barrett, richard garet, aaron ximm, michael northam, simon whetham, and phill niblock

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