hay room improvisation

Last week MoKS hosted Klima, a 5 day performance event conducted by polymedia artist Mike Hentz. Apart from numerous actions, excursions and exercises there was a good deal of attention on working with sound. Mike requested the non-renovated part of MoKS be used somehow so we decided to fill it with hay. Hay is of course a great material to lounge on, relax and listen to music. I’m sharing a short sound clip from the improvisation session. Sounds were by myself, Mike Hentz, Evelyn Müürsepp, Emma Lipp, Matt Marble, Erkki Luuk, Grigori Lotman and Krzyzstof Gutfranski. Photos by Kaisa Eiche.

Hay room sound improvisation during Klima II aka ‘Crisis Klima’ (3:29)


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