intentional gathering of sound artists

I spent several weeks in northern France in a temporary residence that functioned as a gathering place for friends, most of whom are avid composers and sound recordists. Naturally those who came started to explore the local area for interesting locations. The first week was exploratory in seeking out recording spots in the area, while in the second week additional people came (Jonathan Coleclough, Thomas Tilly, Maksims Shentelevs, Paulo Raposo). Our primary location was a metal bridge that crossed the nearby Andelle river. A number of different recordings were made by each person using metal and nylon wires, hydrophones and open air mics. The recording below was made using a metal wire that hung over the side of the bridge.

wires from bridge on the Andelle, France (2:50):

The other location we explored was in a tributary of the Andelle. This place was a shallow water crossing that allowed us to wade in the water. I set up waterharps while others worked with hydrophones. Thomas Tilly made some on the most impressive hydrophone recordings I’ve hear, picking up sound from underwater instects and possible fish. Below is a sample from one of my waterharp recordings.

a waterharp in the Andelle, France (3:14):

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