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INTERSECT 4 was held on Saturday August 25th 2001 at Ceremony Hall, 4100 Red River in Austin, Texas. INTERSECT 4 was a mixed media, performance event with experimental music and video works by:

philip gayle
Ctrl Alt Dlt
frequency curtain (john grzinich, rick reed, josh ronsen)

The tradition of Intersect has been to create a temporary venue to showcase the work of local artists in a cross genre environment. Since, much of the work is experimental in nature, it lies outside the boundaries of the popular and mainstream cultural scenes and is often misrepresented or goes unnoticed. It is generally more fitting for such work to be presented as a self-produced event by the artists themselves in order to best maintain its inherent quality and character. The focus of INTERSECT 4 was on experimental music, improvisation, video and various combinations thereof. A special quadrasonic PA system will was used for the evenings performances.

Audio documents of Intersect 3 and Intersect 4 are available on CD-r from Pale-Disc Japan.

about the artists:

frequency curtain – a trio of performers (Grzinich, Reed, Ronsen) using both analogue and digital sine wave generators, processing and interventions from the radiophonic spectrum. An original piece of collaborative video work will accompany the performance.

John Grzinich has been using the artistic name ‘jgrzinch’ since 1995 when he first started building his own instruments and experimenting with non-traditional recording and processing techniques for sound. Since that time he has worked in numerous artistic collaborations which have resulted in several full length CD releases and tours in both the US and Europe. He returned from Slovenia last October where he spent a year organizing and coordinating an international festival combining new media and the networking of independent cultural centers. This will be his last performance in Austin before returning to Europe where he will study at the revived Bauhaus in Dessau Germany.

Rick Reed has been in the Austin music underground since the early eighty’s when he was producing video collages with original electronic soundtracks for what was then ACTV. As of late he has been the driving force of local experimental improv group ‘The Abrasion Ensemble’. In 1998 he had the honor of having an LP of his work released on Thurston Moore’s label Ecstatic Peace called “Experimental And Improvised Music From Austin ,Texas”. Reed has also had the honor of having a CD from english noise makers AMM named after him that was recorded in Houston in 1996. Two current works are soon to be issued by Beta Lactam Ring records, one an Abrasion Ensemble reissue and another a solo release from 1985 based on the dark paintings of the late painter Mark Rothko. Reed’s performance April 7the was centered on his short wave radio and sine wave generator experiments in a piece he has described as “maximum sound from minimal means”.

Josh Ronsen has been producing juxtapositions of sound, light and movement since 1995 under the guise of Brekekekexkoaxkoax. Focusing on no one style or approach, brekekekexkoaxkoax performances have ranged from presenting Fluxus works to instrumental free-improvisation, to DJ-ing, to avant-classical composition, to action performances.

Philip Gayle: born in 1969, Houston, Texas. plays guitar, stringed instruments, and percussion. has been playing since 1980 in several rock, folk, blues, country, funk, and free improvised bands in Vermont, Utah, New Hampshire, Japan, Texas, Colorado, and elsewhere. now plays acoustic free-improvised music with waterphone, metallic objects, guitars, mandolin, ukulele, cello, viola, violin, piano, and anything else acoustic. performs over 40 times a year all over….

Charalambides formed in Houston in 1991 (and relocated to Austin in 1997), and have evolved through various configurations based on the duo of Tom & Christina Carter. Starting with 1993’s Union LP, they have released seven LPs and CDs on Philadelphia’s Siltbreeze records and on the duo’s own Wholly Other label, along with numerous other compilation appearances and CD-R releases. Since their inception, Charalambides’ primary focus has been their recordings, and until recently they have played live infrequently, giving up live performance entirely for an eighteen month period from 1996 to 1998. Over the last two years, however, the duo has gradually moved toward music of a more public nature, with recordings assuming a new role as documentation of their continuously evolving sound. Currently the duo performs (frequently extended) guitar, voice, and organ compositions and improvisations that utilize volume, space, and silence as well as other elements of experimental improvised music, folk, and psychedelic guitar rock. The group is currently preparing releases on LP, 10 inch EP, and CD for Timelag Records, Beta Lactam Ring, and Eclipse Records.

Cltr Alt Dlt, aka Kurt Korthals is actively engaged is the Austin electronic music scene performing under the alias, The Buddy System. He is a regular at the monthly AMODA events and moderates the Oscillate mailing list. When not composing or programming he performs only the those duties most needed to support the basic functions of life. He can also be heard weekly on his radio show: “sincerely, joe p. bear” – Wednesday nights from 1-3am on KVRX. For INTERSECT 4 he experimented with multi-channel anti-tonal minimalism.

INTERSECT 3 was held on April 7th of 2001.

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