itemized noise

This is a partial list of some of the items I’ve received through trades over the last 6 months or so. I’ll be slowly making my way through the stack and posting my feedback, but probably more after the summer. Even then, I suspect more will be coming in…

  • Extract – Portraits of Soundartists, book+2 CDs (Nonvisualobjects)
  • Paul Bradley – Chroma (Twenty Hertz)
  • Moljebka Pvlse – Duhka (Isoramara)
  • Jason Kahn – Fields (cut)
  • Tarab – wind keeps even dust away (23five)
  • Jim Haynes – Telegraphy by the Sea (Helen Scarsdale)
  • Tô – memory of(f) (fissür)
  • Dave Phillips – 6 (the white egg and we)
  • Fred Jüssi – Songbirds of Estonia (Eesti Raadio)
  • brekekekexkoaxkoax – we used to be such good friends (hushroom)
  • Juhn Duncan, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen – Nine Suggestions (allquestions)
  • Taylor Dupree, Kenneth Kirschner, Tomas Korber, Steinbrüchel, aaron ximm – MAY 6, 2001 (and/OAR)
  • Yannick Dauby – Fevrier (Cherry Music)
  • Ghosts on Water (Daisuke Suzuki, Naoko Suzuki, Andrew Chalk; Faraway Press)
  • Jacob Kirkegaard – 4 Rooms (Touch)
  • Machinefabriek – Marjin (LAMPSE.)