kruimeldief – machinefabriek remixed

At one point I was approched by Rutger Zuydervelt, better known as Machinefabriek, to trade some CDs of our work. Shortly after making a trade he announced a remix project using one of his own tracks. After listening to the track ‘Stofstuk’ I wondered just how I might rework this into something I could call my own, which ended up being enough of a challenge (I guess this would be my first remix attempt). Rutger also asked a number of other artists to remix his work and the result is now complete. It is available as a self release entitled ‘Kruimeldief’, a double CD compilation with 26 different tracks including the original. Upon my first listen I find the “remixes” to be quite diverse considering ‘Stofstuk’ piece to be a fairly minimal piece. There is a good balance here of artists who may have been more strict in sticking to the source material and others who took the liberty to add additional sounds.

A full track listing can be found on the Machinefabriek website.

Now available as a digital download from bandcamp:

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