Pushing the Medium 2+3

Pushing the Medium was an event concept I created to bridge a concentrated collaborative residency and public presentations in nearby towns. The first edition took place at MOKS and Tartu in October 2004.

Pushing the Medium 2 took place in Nodar, Portugal in September 2006. There are far too many stories to relay here but the highlight of the event was being able to spend time in the small village of Nodar. It’s a great place for creative intervention and and sonic exploration. Many thanks to Paulo and the Costa brothers for putting that event together. The above photo shows a collaborative performance made with Maksims Shentelevs and Antonio Della Marina.

View the photo galleries from these events.

Pushing the Medium 3, was held one month later (October 2006) in Friuli Italy. In continuing with the themes of the event, there was room the play in the mountainous area surrounding Topolo. I was able to spend time wandering the forests and making some spontaneous acoustic actions with murmer, Yannick, Olivier, Koz and others.

Pushing the Medium 3 gave birth to the Revenant Topolo CD

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