radio aporee, mapping sounds

I just uploaded a bunch of sounds to radio aporee ::: maps, one of the many interesting projects by Berlin based artist Udo Noll. Udo has done what I thought google would have already done with its maps or earth projects (but has not), which is to construct an interface for allowing people to upload and share sounds based on where they were recorded (Freesound has a similar geo-tagging function which I use). Not only that, there is a phone number you can call that will automatically record and tag sounds from a live phone call. This is one of those projects that has real potential to develop because there is the possibility to create a large scale sound map, something akin to a visual map, where conversations can run together and build stories or where layers of sounds can build up creating non-linear compositions that cross space and time. I’m looking forward to see where this goes. If you are a sound recordist or just what to record a discussion, then give it a try. Its open and easy to use.

some of my points: mooste hydrophone recording, market in Istanbul, seashore in France, fields in Portugal

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